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Sun Dream Achiever is another product of Sun Life of Canada (Philippines) that I would like to introduce to Filipino parents who wish to get a life insurance product that has guaranteed education benefits. Below is the description of Sun Dream Achiever taken from

Sun dream achiever



Sun Life in the Philippines has stopped offering traditional pre-need plans due to varied reasons (e.g. low interest rates) but the company offers traditional life insurance and variable universal life insurance products that provides education benefits. One of these products is Sun Dream Achiever. As the plan’s name implies, the objective of this plan is to help parents achieve their dreams of providing quality college education for their children. Planning your kids’ future is the best thing to do and should never be a bahala na plan.  Every month you should set a side a portion of your income for your kids’ education and should be separate from your emergency fund and other investments.

Parents work hard to provide the best education for their children because they believe that education is  the only wealth that could not be taken away by anybody. But what if death or disability comes along the way, how would you make sure that your kids will still attend college and graduate? You can’t afford to say bahala na because your kids’ future is at stake. You probably know how difficult it is to live without education. Would you like your kids to endure odd jobs and low pay because you did not plan their future? Make their future brighter with Sun Life, the oldest life insurance company in the Philippines. With 117 years of existence in the Philippines, Sun Life is your trusted provider of life insurance products with education benefits.

Sun Dream Achiever could answer your needs for income protection, disability insurance and education benefits. For you to better understand this plan, let us discuss a sample proposal that I prepared. This is a proposal for a Filipino male parent, 30 years old and non-smoker. The minimum face amount for Sun Dream Achiever is 250,000 pesos. If you want higher insurance benefits and education benefits, you could get a plan with higher face amount. This plan terminates after 20 years and all remaining college payouts and accumulated dividends will be given to the plan holder. Take note that the name of your child is irrelevant into this plan as you the parent or the payer is the plan holder and the insured. Only the age of your kid is relevant because it will be  used to illustrate the years when cash payouts will be given by Sun Life.

Sun Dream Achiever Plan with Face Amount of 250,000 Pesos

Payment Terms:

  • Annual Payment: PhP 43,547.50/year
  • Mode of Payment: Annual Mode Only
  • Payment years: 5 Years only
  • Total Payment in 5 Years: PhP217,737.5
  •  Payment Centers: Sun Life Offices, Major Banks, Online Banking, Credit Card, Through Agent

Insurance Benefits

Death Benefit: Guaranteed 250,000 pesos – this will be given to the beneficiaries of the plan holder/insured upon his death due to accident, illness or natural death

Accidental Death Benefit: Guaranteed 250,000 pesos – this is additional benefit that will be given to beneficiaries in addition to the 250,000 death benefit if the death is due to accident.

Total Disability Benefits (Waiver of Premium): If you become disabled while paying the plan, Sun Life will waive premium payment. You need to show evidence of disability.

Contingent Benefit Upon Total Disability: If you become disabled for at least 6 continuous months, Sun Life will pay you Benefit Amount of Php 25,000 pesos on each policy year until the first payout of education benefit. This benefit is only available when you avail the Total Disability Benefit rider.

Free Living Benefit Rider: If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness with only 12 months or less to live, Sun Life will provide advance payment of 60% of the face amount or equivalent to 150,000 pesos in cash.

Education Benefits

Let us say that the first college  cash payout will be on the 17th year, how much will your kid receive as education benefit.

  • At the 17th year: guaranteed 50,000 pesos
  • At the 18th year:  guaranteed 57,500 pesos
  • At the 19th year: guaranteed  66,000 pesos
  • At the 20th year (maturity date) : guaranteed 76,500 pesos + accumulated dividends (not guaranteed)

Total Payout in 4 years: 250,000 pesos

If you think the above cash payouts will not be enough in the future, you could get a higher plan. However, if you are limited with your budget, you could get this plan now and get additional plan in the future.


Just like stocks, this plan earns dividends too but they are not guaranteed because they are dependent with the company’s profit. You have the option  to receive dividend payout every year but you also have the option to leave them to the company to accumulate. You can also use your dividends to pay your regular premium. If you leave the dividends to accumulate into the company, you will receive them all on the plan’s maturity date.

In  the proposal I created, the accumulated dividends amounts to 55,713 pesos at the current accumulation rate of 4% or 31,963 pesos of the current accumulation rate of 3.50%.

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