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I highly commend Sun Life for getting Miss Judy Ann Santos as endorser of MyFuture Fund. The commercial is very effective as many Filipinos are inquiring about this product since the launch of the commercial. Judy Ann’s credibility as an actress and her touching story as a young breadwinner in the past and today as a loving mother and wife will surely inspire many Filipinos. Many of us love Judy Ann because despite her many achievements as an actress, she remained humble or down to earth.

Like many parents today, Judy Ann wants her children to have a good education. Judy Ann, herself, was not able to attend college because she focused on her job as an actress to help her single mom financially. She wants a different path for her children (now 3). She wants them to finish college first. I heard Judy Ann was a Sun Life policy holder when she was just starting in her showbiz career. That adds to her credibility in endorsing a Sun Life product.

To achieve our dream for our children to have college diplomas, we need to plan ahead. We need to save and invest for the college education of our children. The best time to save and invest is as early as our child is born because our money need time to grow. Many parents commit the mistake of planning for college when their children are in high school already or about to high school. It is quite late because in  investing,  the aspect of time is important.  Don’t be surprised if a financial advisor approaches you about college planning even if your kids are still babies or toddlers. They are approaching you because it is the best time  to talk to you about college planning when your kids are still young. Even if you are doing good in your career and earning good amount of money today, don’t be so sure that your financial situation would be the same in the future, you may face  financial difficulties and sending your kids to college would not be easy. Thus,it is very important to plan NOW!

The Sad Reality: College Tuition Fees on the Rise

Schools need to increase tuition fees to catch up with inflation and increasing cost of operating a school. Even government universities now increase tuition fees even though their budget is subsidized by the national government; simply because their budget is not enough without money collected from  the students.  Hardly, the salaries of parents can catch up with the rising cost of education. Savings for college should not sleep in the bank earning less than 1% interest a year, but should be invested in financial instruments that provide returns higher than the inflation rate. Forget,  time deposits as they also provide disappointing interest. One of the instruments that provide better than bank returns is the MyFuture Fund being offered by Sun Life.


What is MyFuture Fund?

MyFuture Fund is a tool that will help you achieve your GOAL which is to prepare a college fund for your child. This fund invest primarily in high quality stocks and debt securities (ex. government and corporate bonds) in the initial years of the fund to maximize earnings and will shift to conservative financial instruments (money market fund, treasury notes) when  the fund nears maturity. The fund is managed by investment experts hired by Sun Life with the goal of maximizing the returns of our hard earned money. Currently there are five MyFuture funds with varying maturity years; these are MyFuture Fund 2020, MyFuture Fund 2025, MyFuture Fund 2030, MyFuture Fund 2035, MyFuture Fund 2040.  As of this moment, most of these funds are invested in high quality stocks and bonds, but when the maturity year is near, the fund managers will shift to safer investment instruments such as fixed income securities to preserve the capital and earnings of the fund. The stock market is volatile (up and down movement) that is why the fund managers would like to lock the profit earned in the past years for the benefit of the policy holders of course.

If your child is projected to attend college after 17 years (2016+17 years = 2033), choose MyFuture fund that will mature closest to 2033, which is MyFuture Fund 2035.  If the fund is for your retirement, and you are about to retire after 25 years (2016+25= 2041) , choose MyFuture Fund 2040 which is closest to your retirement year.

How To Avail MyFuture Fund?

For existing policy holders of Sun Life VUL plans, you can ask your financial advisor on how you can realign your existing fund value and future payments from your existing VUL fund into MyFuture Fund.

For those who want to open an account, you just need to select from our existing Variable Unit-Linked (VUL) plans such as Sun Maxilink Prime (click here to ask proposal), Sun Flexilink (click here to ask proposal), Sun Maxilink Bright (click here to ask proposal), Sun Flexilink One and Sun Maxilink One. A VUL plan is a life insurance plan with attached investment feature. This investment feature can be any of our MyFuture Funds (2020, 2025, 2030, 2035, 2040), Equity Fund, Index Fund, Bond Fund, Balanced Fund and Growth Plus Fund.

[Videos courtesy of Sun Life Financial.Grabbed from their Official Youtube Channel]

Performance of MyFuture Fund as of September 2016

As you can see below, the absolute return of most of the MyFuture Funds is 70%+ after 5 years. For example if you invested 500,000 pesos single pay VUL last September 2011, it would have grown 850,000 pesos (500,000×0.70) or 350,000 pesos absolute return. Your money will not grow this much if you just let it slept in the bank for years. Investing your money to financial instruments like MyFuture Fund is like your hard-earned money working hard for you.

myfuturefund-2025 myufuturefund2030 myfuturefund2035 myfuturefund2040

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