Globe Fair Use Policy (FUP) , 1GB Data Cap, Is It Fair?

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Did you receive the text message below from Globe recently? If you are a Globe Postpaid plan holder subscribed to the Php999/month unlisurf plan, most likely you have received this message especially if your daily routine is watching a lot of Youtube videos, downloading games, applications and movies in your laptop or smart phone. I believe you got angry (or super angry) upon  reading this text message and upon learning that you could no longer enjoy the power of the internet with the rest of the day and you need to wait until midnight when everybody is sleeping to enjoy again  the beauty of the internet.

globe fair use policy

I feel your pain friend as I am also a subscriber of the so called “unlisurf plan”. Now, there is a limit on what I can do online. Too bad for me because watching videos and movies online is how I remove my stress from a whole day of work. Now I am “stressed” because of this data limit. Globe said on their advertisements and their glossy fliers that their 999 UnliSurf plan is for unlimited browsing which is true until lately that they put 1 GB/day data cap on all subscribers citing their Fair Use Policy Guideline. After a subscriber consumed 1 GB of data within the day, his/her speed will slow down from 3G/4g/LTE to 2G. With this newly implemented data cap, I found out that their definition of unlimited surfing does not include unlimited video watching and unlimited downloading. I say OMG, most people subscribe to this plan because they want to enjoy watching videos and downloading things without limit. Globe said that it is necessary for them to implement this Fair Use Policy to solve the problem of network congestion. According to the video at the end of this article, data capping is not the best way to solve network congestion but by expanding network infrastructure and resources.

globe logoMost people are not angry because they put this data cap limit; most are angry because of their false advertisement (some say deception). They advertise the product as “unlimited” which every Filipino understands just the way we understand “unlimited rice.” Like any normal being, a subscriber of this “unli” plan feels being deceived and expresses anger. Who wants to be deceived, right? Subscribers express their anger and disappointment in online forums and social networking sites. Of course, they are expecting that Globe will be able to hear them. Yes, I think Globe hears them but I believe it will not do something about it.  The Globe executives will just watch them and laugh at them, saying: You have no choice! My friend, this is monopoly and corporate greed at its best! This is the Philippines!

Their customer care reps must endure being shouted upon by angry subscribers. Many may have already cancelled their plans and moved to other networks like Smart which I heard is not actively implementing their own FUP. Perhaps, Smart has the capacity to handle network congestion better than Globe which few months ago boasted their $700 million modernization program. Despite this program (which the company describes as “ambitious”), they are now implementing a cap to solve”network congestion” which should have solved by the modernization project.

According to the video below, “Most network congestion is not caused by the amount of data used but network congestion is related to the number of concurrent transfers. Data is not a limited resource, rate is a limited resource insofar as you can only send so much data down a single connection at any one time but any amount of data can be sent over time.” And to increase the “rate”,  internet service providers (ISPs) should limit the number of subscribers or build more cellular towers. Globe would not like to do these 2 options because it will probably decrease  their revenue if they limit the number of subscribers and it will not probably build more cellular towers because that would be additional expense for the company.

Agreeing with a statement in the video, the main reason why Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like Globe is giving data cap to their subscribers is because they want to generate higher revenue from their broadband services. As the revenue from text messages and calls is dropping with the rise of internet services/applications, Globe might be planning to tap its broadband services to increase revenue. Sooner, Globe will offer more expensive plans that will offer higher daily data cap (higher then 1 GB/day) or even unlimited surfing without the “limit” but with a higher price. They may even implement additional charges if you exceed the daily limit. This is how the telecom companies in the USA are charging their customers’ internet usage. I am willing to pay higher price to get unlimited internet services but the telecom company should be transparent on every detail of the plan.

In  the video above, I agree that data capping curtails technological innovation and productivity. Many useful and sensible internet-based (web-based) software today used up higher data. With data capping, there is a limit on  the way we use these software and applications in our daily lives.

The good thing about my current plan is that I am not locked in a 24 month contract so I can cancel my plan anytime with just a minimal fee. Many subscribers are locked in a 24-month contract that is why they have no choice but to wait until their contract expires or else they will pay huge fees. Now, I am planning to cut my  current plan and move to a better broadband provider. How about you? Share your plans, frustrations and disappointments in the comment box below!

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  • John Feb 7, 2014 Link Reply
  • anonymous Feb 13, 2014 Link Reply

    I think we should organize a group to sue these fuckers. It is unlawful and in breach of our contracts. Sure they can legally implement this shit to new subscribers. But to existing subscribers, who clearly signed for “unlimited data”, they can’t. Sure, the “fair-use policy” applies, but I have read it and it doesn’t say ANYWHERE that they LIMIT the UNLIMITED internet to 1GB. (ps. this bitch at the local globe store actually tried to give me the excuse that after it’s throttled it’s still unlimited. god damn it, fucking assholes! I have always paid in advance and this is how you repay me?)

    • GLoBObO Feb 19, 2014 Link Reply

      oo nga pa form tau ng group lage natin clang siraan at ireport.. gawa tau group sa fb at saang social networking sites at gawa din tau ng kanya kanyang video kung gaano ka gago ang globe sa mga postpaid subscriber post tau sa mga wall nila lgeh at i.encourage natin lahat na sumali tignan lng natin qng may hiya pa ang globe sa kanilang mga subscribers… i post mo lng di2 qng nakabuo na kau ng group.. pls……. gawa po tau ng kilos sa gagong globe tau po mga subscribers ang luge.. :'(

  • PhilLover Feb 21, 2014 Link Reply

    As an excuse for the unsatisfactory infrastructure of the Internet due to insufficient investments in the past Globe is defaming their own customers as “pirates” like already in 2011. Hello Globe, but have you taken over legal tasks now or work for the RIAA perhaps?
    By the way, Pirates are thieves, correct? If I buy Globe Load, let’s say for 50,00 pesos and I dont use the full amount for what reason ever, the load expires after one week and the lfeft over just disappears. In the case of 100,00 Pesos same happens after one month. It’s simply gone, disappeared. Well, why, ? Is it really disappeared? How many millions of pesos might this be nationwidely? Has Globe ever given information about it? Globe so likes to refer to other countries particularly if it just matches. One would describe something like that as a theft in many other countries and this behaviour is already forbidden by courts indeed there for a long time. By the way where is the NTC in that case and protects the customers from these “pirates”? Theft to the own customer! What does Globe prevent actually to lift this temporal restriction like in other countries?

  • anoxmous Feb 21, 2014 Link Reply


    Former user of Sun Cellular P799 3.6mbps broadband. Sun has no capping but speed is faster on peak hrs(2am-6am) with no capping. But I just got applied for P999 unlimted for 12Mbps(2yrs locked) until month of February 2014, the speed slows to 112Kbps(20-30kbps). Its like Its like going back to the old and famous 56kbps fax/modem

    Pictures and videos formats and Application downloads are getting larger.
    We now have streaming videos like ie, Youtube, etc..,

    Its the telcos marketing strategy for users to upgrade to a higher plan(LTE) or its just they dont have the capacity to provide service for the whole users.

    3% is too small hinder their service. I think they dont have yet the capacity to modernize their equipment thats why the users are affected.

    Dont use the word ‘UNLIMITED’.

    Regarding survey that majority of users uses pirated software, movies to download files. Its not the telcos should limit them, its the government who should sue them sharing pirated files. Just like which was previously shutdown by US federal court.

    To NTC, try applying a plan using your hard earned money.

    Lastly, Do we have to wait for another senator(Enrile) to complain about this policy, just like he complain about disappearing load in sim in which the mobile carrier extend the expiry of the load and the sim?

    • Guest99 Feb 25, 2014 Link Reply

      Hello! Sun Cellular ba yang plan na inapplyan mu na for 12Mbps? I agree na walangthrottling sa sun internet and mabilis pag mga bandang 1-6am.. Pero naka prepaid kasi ako sa sun and last kong gamit ng unli surf is nung January kasi ginaganit ko ung globe postpaid which is company issue.. Tanong ko lang, mabagal na ba talaga surfing sa sun cell just this month?

  • Cole Bethel Ligaya Lastimosa Mar 3, 2014 Link Reply

    Whoa! I just experienced this, and yes, so disappointing! Definitely changing to a better network provider!

  • Patrick Mar 4, 2014 Link Reply

    Good afternoon,

    let’s talk about Globe commercial policy !
    I suscribed a 2’500 peso/month contract. I daily receive tens of spams because Globe sells our numbers to moneylenders, real estate agents and other scammers.
    To begin with I never allowed Globe to sell my phone number to anyone.
    Today I received a texto that I had got a Php500 discount on my phone bill. When I hit it, I got a message that I had just shared a load !
    Now what is most weird is that my share-a-load is protected by a pin number !
    I immediately called Globe to know what the hell was that. First, as usual, they apologize, are sorry, blah blah blah, but do nothing about anything…
    So first, they dare to tell me that They won’t block spammers to text me their scams. Second to have my share-a-load protected by a pin number doesn’t protect at all, third they just keep on telling you they are sorry, they can’t do nothing, and so on.
    I can tell you… First I will contact The National Telecommunications Commission and file a formal complaint against Globe. Second I will post this to every forum I can find around, hoping to damage Globe reputation. I am just sorry that Philippines doesn’t have any decent customers’ association to defend our rights 🙁

  • Ase James Hastly Mar 10, 2014 Link Reply

    With this FUP going on with almost all telcom companies, I can’t do my work as I used to. and I think every telcom in the country is now implementing data cap. so, I have no choice but to stick with it for a while. but as soon as a new fresh ISP opens it’s business without Data capping, I’ll immediately cut my subscriptions with Globe (that includes Landline, Mobile, and Internet.)

  • John Nieurzyla Mar 20, 2014 Link Reply

    I also have the very limited globe, fraudulently advertised. But my contract is due to end in May, which is the best and fairest telco to use?? Smart has been suggested, I also heard the using satellite to down load is great, any suggestions guys?

  • angelicarivera Mar 23, 2014 Link Reply

    ikr! it sucks. akala ko rin unlimited. hindi na nasusulit. hindi nadadampot ang pera. nakakainis lang kasi
    nalilimitahan ko ang mha bagay na hindi dapat limited. its not worth it. sasakit labg ulo mo

  • Cris Jul 22, 2014 Link Reply

    BS tlga Globe. Hays. Dapat mgimplement ang NTC ng policy na dapat eh unlisurf ung mga nkaplan 999 and above. Kkasubscribe ko lng sa plan 999 GoSurf nlang. So panu nlng kng gs2 ko mgFB arw arw? Goodluck sa bill ko..

  • Cris Jul 22, 2014 Link Reply

    Lhat nlng ng services dito sa Pinas wlng kwenta. Grbe….

  • Giovannie Jul 26, 2014 Link Reply

    Leave without LIMITS! mali ata theme nyo! leave with limits 800mb/day!
    This is madness! waste of money 999 🙁 hahahahaiz

  • WTF Sep 27, 2014 Link Reply

    The cap limit doesn’t reset at midnight, apparently a day at globelines is 30 hours. Talking to any rep they say the cap will reset somewhere between midnight and 6am so that’s a 30 hour day.
    If it doesn’t reset like it’s supposed to calling them turns out to be a waste of time as they will insist you went over the cap limit even if you ask them to review how much you downloaded since the supposed reset.
    Their support is useless, bunch of retards working at a call center capable on doing nothing except making a report and saying “sorry for the inconvenience.”

  • jun montinola Oct 22, 2014 Link Reply

    pls make my usage data high to have me good browsing

  • Neta Dec 20, 2014 Link Reply

    fair? no it isn’t fair. it’s funny when i called globe cs to inform them that for 2 weeks in a month’s time i was experiencing 3kbps download speed till 0.00 kbps. I was into supersurf120 at those times. I called in again because i needed to surf and i will have to use the prepaid globobo again. I asked if the system is okay and said it’s fine. I asked how come i kept getting the said speed and worried that my load with the connection will only give me a headache. She told me they will check but I need to activate my supersurf. I was hesitant because the really low speed is getting in my nerves and funny when i have used it in 12 hours it will send me this text of stupid fair policy. yeah, i was downloading at a damn speed of 100 kbps and need to reconnect if it stopped because my speed went down to 40kbps to 0.00 kbps. Really, globe FAIR policy?!!!!!

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