Sun Maxilink Bright Explained – 5 Years To Pay Life Insurance with College Educational Fund

Educational Plan

togakidCollege education is getting expensive year after year making it very difficult for Filipino parents to send their children to college. Even state universities are implementing high tuition rates, an added headache to parents who are already struggling to provide the daily living allowance of their children. Private college education can be just a dream for many parents and their children with popular universities such as Ateneo, La Salle and UST charging 6 digit annual tuition fees. Many parents want to provide the best college education for their children because they know that a college diploma will provide better opportunities for their children. But with the expensive cost of college education, many parents may force their children to postpone college.

Proper educational planning should be done as early as a child is born into this world. You may ask, why so early?…It is because if you start early, you have more time to save up for college and more time for your savings/investment to grow in a rate higher than the current inflation rate. (Inflation is defined as sustained increase in the general price level of goods and services in an economy over a period of time. Example: College tuition & miscellaneous fees increasing every academic year) It is not enough that you save the college fund in the bank because inflation will eat its value over time.  Regular savings account give less than 1% interest rate while time deposits give less than 2% interest rate.  Inflation  rate is at average 4-6 percent higher than what your bank is giving you for your deposit. If  Ateneo is charging 3000/unit right now, do not expect the same tuition rate when your baby enroll to the same university in the future. Inflation is one of the factors why tuition fees increase over time.

Sun Maxilink Bright, a product of Sun Life of  Canada Philippines, is a peso denominated variable life insurance plan that provides financial protection PLUS a potential source of savings. It enhances your money’s growth potential to fund future needs like education through its investment earnings. This plan is payable for at least 5 years. You will be the one to choose what investment fund you will put the college fund of your child. Currently, there are 5 funds to choose from and these are managed actively and prudently by top-notch investment professionals. In order for you to easily understand Sun Maxilink Bright, I created a sample proposal for a healthy Filipino father, 25 years old, with a new born son and non-smoker.


Sun Maxilink Bright Plan 200,000 Proposal for Mr. Juan Dela Cruz, 25, Male, Non-smoker

Annual Investment: 32,128 pesos/year for 5 years (2,677 pesos/month or 89 pesos/day) (160,640 pesos total investment in 5 years)

Face Amount: 200,000 pesos – this is the value in which life insurance benefits are based on.


Sun Maxilink Bright is a life insurance product. Upon the death of the insured, Mr Juan Dela Cruz, Sun Life will provide a guaranteed lump sum amount of 200% of the face amount or 400,000 pesos to the beneficiaries of Mr Juan Dela Cruz. The 400,000 pesos is considered the death benefit. The investment value or fund value (the college fund) accumulated will also be provided to the beneficiaries.

In case of accidental death of Mr. Juan dela Cruz, Sun Life will provide additional 200,000 pesos to his beneficiaries for a total death benefit of 600,000 pesos PLUS the fund value accumulated. The additional 200,000 pesos death benefit is from the Accidental Death Benefit rider attached to the the plan.

In case of total and continuous disability due to accident, Sun Life will waive premium payment, in other words you don’t need to pay the premium but you are still fully covered. This benefit is provided by the Total Disability Benefit rider attached to the plan.

Now, you will ask: Raymund,  is the life insurance necessary? Can I remove it?  Answer: No, you cannot remove the life insurance component of the plan, in fact it is the basic benefit of Sun Maxilink Bright. Sun Maxilink Bright is a variable universal life insurance plan providing lump sum amount to beneficiaries in case of death. The life insurance protection that this plan provides is very important to the beneficiaries of Mr. Juan dela Cruz. Even if Mr. Juan Dela Cruz paid once (ex. initial quarter payment of 8032 pesos) and “something” happens to him, his beneficiaries will receive guaranteed 400,000 pesos. This money may not be so big but decent enough to help the widow move on. The widow may use the money to open a small business, pay debts, finance daily expenses, send children to school and so on. If Mr. Dela Cruz thinks that 400,000 pesos is small, he could always increase the face amount of the plan to a higher one in order to increase the death benefit claim that his family will get in case “something” happens to him. Two hundred thousand pesos is by the way the smallest face amount of Sun Maxilink Bright.

What if Mr dela Cruz decided just to put his 32,218 pesos in the bank instead of getting a Sun Maxilink Bright plan, what will happen in case “something” happens to him? When he die, the bank will freeze his account and Mrs dela Cruz needs to pay the total estate tax of her spouse in order to withdraw the 32,218 pesos and all the cash deposits of Mr. Dela Cruz. If Mr. Dela Cruz just got the Sun Maxilink Bright plan, his wife will get from Sun Life a guaranteed amount of 400,000 pesos, tax free if Mrs dela Cruz is an irrevocable beneficiary. That’s the beauty of life insurance, your beneficiaries will get more than what you paid for in case of your early demise. It is particularly important when the insured is the bread winner of  the family. Remember, when a bread winner dies, not only his physically body is lost but also his income. Life insurance is the answer for the lost income!


The best part of Sun Maxilink Bright is the investment fund which will be used to finance the college education of your child. Big chunk of your yearly investment/premium will be used to buy shares/units to an investment fund of your choice including Balanced Fund, Bond Fund, Equity Fund, Money Market Fund, and MyFutureFund. Below is a table taken from the Sun Maxilink Bright proposal for Mr Juan Dela Cruz (request your own proposal below this article). It shows important information about Sun Maxilink Bright. Let us discuss them.

Premium Paid column = shows the amount paid each year, 32,128/year for 5 years (160,640 pesos total investment in 5 years)

Charges column = shows the charges (admin fees, management fees, premium charges, insurance charges) that will be deducted from your regular premium/payment

Death benefit column = the projected total death benefit; the sum of the 400,000 pesos guaranteed death benefit PLUS the fund value (college fund)

Fund Value 4%, 8%, 10% = these 3 columns show the projected fund value (college fund) each year. Take  note that these are mere projections and not actual fund value in the future.  Assuming that the new born son of Mr Juan Dela Cruz will start college after 18 years, how much is the projected college fund if  the investment fund I chose gave me an average 10% annual return. According to the table, the fund value (college fund) would be 574,960 pesos which could be withdrawn as cash. Mr dela Cruz has  the option to fully withdraw the money or he can do partial withdrawal each college year. Of course, college education in elite schools could be millions in the future so you need to get a higher plan if you wish to send your child to such school. Take note also that if you have more than 1 child, you really need to get a bigger plan. But if you could not yet afford a higher plan, get the plan that suits your budget and increase your regular contribution as your income grows. It is better to have a small  plan than without any plan at all, right?



Below are the funds you would choose from where to put your money. Also shown is the data on year-to-date return and the average annual compounded return for completed years. You can see that MyFutureFunds provide the best returns so far in  terms of average annual compounded return. Mr dela Cruz can choose the fund that he wants according to his risk appetite (investment risk appetite). The financial advisor of Mr dela Cruz will help him determine the investment fund that suits him according to his risk appetite.

historical performance sunlife vul


If your child is a full scholar (free tuition fees with allowance), well that is super good and congratulations in advance for having such an excellent kid. If your relatives will sponsor your kid, that’s even better because you don’t need to touch the fund value of your SUn Maxilink Bright. If this happens, use the college fund for your other children. If none of your children will use the college fund, then you can convert it to your retirement plan in which you will use the fund value when you reach retirement age. When Mr. Juan Dela Cruz, reaches age 60, the fund value could have grown to a projected value of 2.9 million pesos, assuming 10% average compounded annual return. Sun Maxilink Bright is such a flexible plan as you could use it to any future financial need.

IS THE RETURN ON MY INVESTMENTS GUARANTEED? You may ask me, Raymund you said that I am going to choose the investment fund where I will put the college fund of my child, this seems okay for me but I am quite afraid because we are talking about the future of my children, will you guarantee the returns on my investment? I will answer: Returns are not guaranteed but based on historical experience, stocks and in particular equity funds tends to go up in value over time for investors who are prepared to buy and hold for a longer period of time. Note however, that past performance is not an indicator of future returns. If you will ask investors or plan holders who started 10+ years ago, they will most likely give you a positive feedback with regards to their investment. These people knew how investment work and they used this knowledge to grow their money Now, they are enjoying the benefits of investing in the long term. If you meet a person that could GUARANTEE to double your money in a dubious investment scheme, well be careful because that could be a scam. Always talk to a licensed insurance or investment advisor when dealing with insurance and investment.

For OFWs: You can only open an account while in the Philippines to sign the documents and meet face to face an advisor. You cannot open an account while abroad as it is prohibited by law.bright1 Sun Maxilink Bright broc IN REQUEST PROPOSAL


Sun Life’s Sun Flexilink – Life Insurance with Investment

Insurance, Investing
Sun Flexilink is endorsed by Bam Aquino

Sun Life Financial’s Sun Flexilink is a life insurance product with an investment component just like Sun Maxilink Prime which me and my wife availed to serve as financial protection for our family when any of us die and to save and invest money for our retirement, child’s education and future expenses.  It is a financial protector in the sense that when I die, Sun Life Financial will give money to my family to replace my income that would be lost the moment I die. That’s the importance of life insurance, protecting my family from financial disasters brought about by death. It is an investment plan in the sense that portion of my payment or premium will be invested into a pooled fund (mutual fund) and will be managed by top notch Sun Life investment managers. The goal of these investment managers is to make my money grow in time so that I will have something to use for retirement, child education and other financial needs. All I have to do is to regularly pay my premium, add more money into it  and watch my investment grow over time.

With Sun FlexiLink, you don’t need to die to make your family enjoy the proceeds of your life insurance because you and your family can enjoy it while you are still alive. You can enjoy the investment component of  this insurance while you are still alive. You can withdraw from your investment fund if  you need it. You want to use it to fund your dream travel? Well, you have the freedom to do it. You waited so long for your investment to grow so you deserve to enjoy it in whatever way you want. You may have heard from other people that life insurance is all about dying, well they are so wrong, it is also about living — you live to enjoy your investment while being able to protect your family through life insurance.

For Retirement 

Sun FlexiLink is good financial tool for retirement. Think about this: out of 100 Filipinos who retire, 45 still depend on their relatives, 30 count on charity,  while 22 can’t stop working in order to support themselves. Do you want to be counted with this 97% of the retiree population who did not properly plan their retirement? Or do you want to be among the other 3% who did their retirement planning the right way. With Sun Flexilink, you are required to save in a minimum of 10 years to build a retirement fund that will give you comfortable and decent retirement life in the future. You don’t want to be a pasanin for your children or relatives when you are old already, right? So as early as now, plan  your retirement. You may say that you have SSS/GSIS already and you don’t need another retirement plan. Well, ask a Filipino SSS retiree now how much she’s getting and if it is enough to cover monthly expenses.  You will know the instant answer!

For College

If you paid 20,000 pesos per semester when you were in college, don’t expect that your new born child will have the same tuition fee 18 years from now. You might be paying ten times this amount 18 years from now because every year colleges and universities increase  their tuition and miscellaneous fees to as high as 15%. Invest now for your kids’ college education to prepare yourselves as parents with the rising cost of education in the Philippines. The good thing about Sun FlexiLink is that if you die, Sun Life will give lump sum amount to your family which could be used to finance the education of your children.

Sample Proposal: Sun Flexilink 10 Years To Pay

Raymund, 24, Male, Non-smoker

Face Amount: 1 Million Pesos – This is the monetary value in which benefits are based on.

-My family/beneficiaries will receive guaranteed 1 Million pesos (100% of Face Amount) from Sun Life of Canada Philippines Inc. if I die even if  I already paid once. Death through accident, murder or natural causes is payable in this life insurance plan. I just wish that my family will use this money wisely because I will not be in the world to remind them the right way to manage money. But I believe my wife is responsible enough to manage our money.

Accidental Death Benefit (ADB): 1 Million Pesos

-If I die due to accident, my family will receive additional 1 Million pesos (100% of face amount) in addition to the 1 Million basic death benefit for a total of 2 Million guaranteed death benefit if  I die due to accident. This benefit is called a rider, which can be added to the basic plan. Although this rider is optional, I added it because I know I need it and it maximizes the basic plan. Getting this benefit by having another policy will be more expensive. My beneficiaries need to prove that the cause of death is accident so they can get this benefit; thus medical and police reports may be needed besides the death certificate.

Accidental Death, Dismemberment and Disablement Benefit (ADDD): 1 Million Pesos

This rider has the Accidental Death Benefit mentioned above but with Dismemberment and Disablement benefits. Death due to accident is payable with 1 Million Pesos. Dismemberment or loss of body parts due to accident is payable with up to 1 Million pesos depending on body parts lost. For example, if I get blind due to accident, I will receive 100% of the face amount or 1 Million pesos. If I become totally and permanently disabled, Sun Life will give me up to 1 Million pesos disablement benefit to be given in 10 years — so 100,000 pesos per year for 10 years.

Total Disability Benefit (TDB)

Another rider which will oblige Sun Life to pay the premium if I become totally disabled. If I am disabled, I cannot work already and may not earn money so this rider will protect me from not being able to pay my premium due to total disability. Although this plan is again optional, I added it because I believe it is  important. Actually, I consider this a MUST have rider for every life insurance policy.

Critical Illness Benefit CIB): 500,000

This rider will provide lump sum amount (500K) if I will be diagnosed and treated with any of the total of 36 illnesses listed here. Among the critical illnesses covered are stroke, heart attack, cancer, paralysis, total blindness and kidney failure. If I die due to any of the covered critical illnesses, my family will still get the lump sum amount.  Sun Life has a separate term insurance called Sun LifeAssure with the same benefits with the option of including accidental death benefit rider and total disability benefit rider. Learn more about Sun LifeAssure here. By the way, critical illness benefit is optional and the premium increase every 5 years. After 10 years of paying, the earning of the investment component of the plan will pay the premium for this rider and the other 2 riders discussed above.

Investment Component

Part of my payment will be used to pay insurance charges or the cost of insurance and part of it will be invested in an investment fund of my choice. I can choose from equity fund, balanced fund, bond fund or money market fund. I personally chose equity fund because I want my money to be invested in locally listed (to the PSE) companies. Investing in the equity fund involves risk but gives higher potential return.  If I retire at age 60, here are the projected fund value which I can withdraw to use as retirement fund:

At 8% Annual Fund Earning: 799,067 pesos

At 10% Annual Fund Earning:  2.476 Million pesos

These fund values are not fixed and not guaranteed as they depend on the actual performance of the fund you choose. They are just projections to give each policy holder an idea of how his/her money can potentially grow through the years.


For 10 years, I will pay 28,300 Pesos per year, a total of 283,000 Pesos. It is about 78 Pesos a day or 2,358 Pesos a month. I will consider Sun Flexilink as a regular savings plan but unlike my bank saving, it has bigger potential and more exciting. On  top if this regular premium, I can also add more money into it that will be directly added to the fund value of the plan.

If you are a young professional, the best time to get a Sun Flexilink Plan is now! because if you are young, your insurance premium is lower compared to older people. Also, because you are still young, there is longer time for your investment to grow  in value. Thirty to 40 years to retirement is such a long time for your investment to grow. If you are 40 something or 50 something, it is still not too late, you can still avail this plan. It is not too late to protect your family and build your retirement fund.

For Our Modern Heroes: OFWs

You can avail this plan but if you are located in countries in which Sun Life has no office, you can only avail the Accidental Death Benefit Rider and you cannot avail the Critical Illness Benefit Rider (CIB), Total Disability Rider (TDB) and the Accidental Death, Dismemberment and Disablement (ADDD) rider. Sun Life has offices in Canada, Philippines, Bermuda, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, China, Malaysia, United States, Vietnam, United Kingdom and Ireland. Good news is that in the future when you work in the Philippines for good or you move to a country where we have an office, you can add the other riders mentioned above. Lastly, you cannot open this plan if you are abroad, you need to be at least in the Philippines to sign the needed documents and also to be interviewed by your chosen Financial Advisor.

Product Brochures

Sun Flexilink is endorsed by Bam Aquino

Sun Flexilink is endorsed by Bam Aquino



Sun LifeAssure – Critical Illness Insurance – Cancer, Organ Transplant, Stroke Heart Attack & More

Health Insurance, Insurance

People always pray and wish for good health for themselves and their families because we believe that health is wealth. Indeed, health is wealth because if we are sick, we cannot work and earn money or our savings or wealth will be spent for expensive medical treatments.  Unfortunately, sickness or illness is a natural part of life and there are many unfortunate people who get sick unexpectedly. Illness can wreck havoc to our financial stability so it is best to be prepared financially when it strikes us.  Health insurance is a great financial defender against illness especially critical illnesses which require big amount of money for medical treatments and medicines.


1. Heart Attack

2. Stroke

3. Cancer

4. Kidney Failure

5. Dissecting Aortic Aneurysm

6. End Stage Lung Disease

7. Progressive Muscular Atrophy

8. Major Burns

9. Multiple Sclerosis

10. Paralysis

11. Total Blindness

12. Loss of Limbs

13. Aplastic Anaemia

14. Bacterial Meningitis

15. Benign Brain Tumour

16. Deafness

17. Encephalitis

18. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

21. Cerebral Metastasis

22. Loss of Speecch

23. Coma

24. Parkinson’s Disease

25. Terminal Illness

26. Medullary Cystic Disease

27. Alzheimer’s Disease

28. Fulminant Hepatitis

29. Major Head Trauma

30. End Stage Liver Failure

31. Motor Neurone Disease

32. Guillain-Barre Syndrome


33. Major Organ Transplant

34. Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

35. Surgery for Disease of the Aorta (Aortic Surgery)

36. Replacement of Heart Valve


With the goal of giving each Pinoy the opportunity to have financial protection against critical illnesses, Sun Life of Canada-Philippines now offer Sun LifeAssure which is  a five-year renewable term plan that pays the face amount either upon death of the life insured or if life insured is diagnosed, while living, to have any of the 36 specified critical illnesses and, where applicable, has undergone any specified surgeries before the insured attains age 70.  

How can this plan benefit policy holders? For example, If I am diagnosed today with cancer and plan holder of Sun LifeAssure with face amount of 1 Million pesos, I will claim 1 Million pesos benefit amount of 1 Million pesos from Sun Life Financial in cash. I will file a claim to Sun Life with the proper medical certificates and documents from my doctors or hospital. I will use the money for medical treatments and medicines. Where on earth can I get 1 million pesos for cancer treatment? Even banks and relatives could not lend me this amount of money.

Another example, If I am paralyzed today and have the same LifeAssure plan, my family will file a claim to SunLife for 1 Million Pesos. Of course, I cannot file a claim myself if I am already paralyzed right? My family can use the money for my hospital expenses as well as medicines. They may even use it to hire somebody to take care of me, like a caregiver. This way, I will not cause too much burden to my family.

People with family history of cancer, heart diseases, stroke and other critical illnesses should seriously consider getting Sun LifeAssure for protection because they have higher chances (genetic predisposition) of developing these illnesses.


I want you to be the one to judge it if it is expensive. Here is a sample proposal/quote for a 30 years old, male, non-smoker:

Annual Payment/Premium: 9,880 Pesos

Semiannual: 4,940 Pesos

Quarterly: 2,470

Monthly: 823


Face Amount: 1 Million Pesos – Money I  will receive if I am diagnosed with the 36 critical illnesses

Accidental Death Benefit (ADB): 1 Million Pesos as Accidental Death Benefit

Total Disability Benefit (TDB): I will not pay anymore in case of total disability (Waiver of premium)

*Lowest Face Amount is 500K with a premium amount of Php5,140 inclusive of the ADB and TDB riders. You have the option to not include the ADB and TDB riders but I highly encourage that you include them already to maximize the plan.  The maximum Face Amount is 4Million Pesos.


Celebrity Endorser Pia Magalona wife of the late Francis Magalona, Sunlife Policy Holder

Celebrity Endorser Pia Magalona wife of the late Francis Magalona, Sunlife Policy Holder

With Celebrity endorser Pia Magalona

With Celebrity endorser Pia Magalona



Sun Maxilink Prime – Life Insurance with Investment

Insurance, Investing

With many life insurance companies in the Philippines right now and with the long list of life insurance plans they are offering, it is not uncommon for an average Juan to get confused or undecided of which plan to get. It is as difficult as shopping clothes in a large department store. Well, as a life insurance policy holder for three years now, I still ask myself right now if I have availed the right or even the best life insurance policy in the market. Since life insurance is an integral aspect of my financial life and to my beneficiaries life, I want to have the best life insurance plan and I know many Filipinos out there who are planning to get their first life insurance are thinking the same thing. If you are one of these Filipinos, I want to introduce to you Sun Maxilink Prime, an investment-linked life insurance plan which I think one of the best value for money insurance product of Sun Life of Canada (Philippines). My wife and I are proud holders of Sun Maxilink Prime because we believe on this product and its many benefits.

Sun Maxilink Prime is a variable unit-linked life insurance plan or commonly called VUL plan. In this plan, a portion of your premium or payment will be used to pay the life insurance cost and another portion will be invested into an investment fund (similar to mutual fund) of your choice: equity fund, bond fund, balanced fund, money market fund, etc. In other words, Sun Maxilink Prime will provide you life insurance coverage and investment fund. If you have this plan, Sun Life will give your beneficiaries certain amount (or the face amount) if you die. So if the face amount of your plan is 1 million, your beneficiaries will receive 1 million if you die too soon (huwag naman sana). Like what I said earlier, part of your money is also invested to grow; you can use this money to finance future needs like education of your children, retirement needs, travel expenses or emergencies. Aya Laraya of Pesos and Sense will help you understand VUL further by watching this video:

James Yap is the celebrity endorser of Sun Maxilink Prime:

Sun Maxilink Prime Endorsed by James Yap

Sun Maxilink Prime Endorsed by James Yap

Sun Maxilink Prime endorsed by James Yap

Sun Maxilink Prime endorsed by James Yap

sun maxilink prime
I want to show you the proposal I made when I got my Sun Maxilink Prime (10 Years To Pay):

Raymund F. Camat, Male, 24 years old, non smoker

Annual Payment: Php 28,000

Semiannual: Php 14,000

Quarter: Php 7,000

Monthly: Php 2333.33

Daily: Php 77

I preferred the semiannual payment method for financial reasons but policy holders can choose to pay quarterly, semiannual, or annual. There is no additional charge if you pay in quarter or annual mode. Let’s go to the benefits:


  • My family or beneficiaries will receive from Sun Life 1 Million pesos when I die (Face Amount of 500,000 x 2)
  • I attached the Total Disability Rider (TDB) in the basic plan so that I will not pay anymore if I become totally disabled, meaning the plan is considered fully paid already
  • I also attached the ADDD rider or the Accidental Death, Dismemberment and Disablement rider so that my family will get additional 500,000 pesos if I die due to accident; I will get up to 500,000 pesos dismemberment benefits if I lost certain body parts due to injury; I will get disablement benefits of up to 500,000 pesos if I become totally disabled

If you don’t want the dismemberment or disablement benefits, you have the option to get the ADB or accidental death benefit rider only. I chose the ADDD rider because it has more benefits – a way to maximize the plan; I don’t mind paying higher premium.

Another rider you can attach to Sun Maxilink Prime is the Hospital Income Benefit (HIB) rider which gives you daily income when hospitalized. If I availed this rider, I can get up to 1000 pesos a day when hospitalized. The reason I did not avail this plan is because I already have a company HMO plan. This can be a supplementary hospitalization benefit if you want.

Actually, I can get higher plans (Face Amounts: 1 Million, 2 Million and so on) but right now the 500K face amount is what I can afford. I can always get another plan naman or just put extra premium on top of my regular premium as to increase the fund value or life insurance coverage.


What I liked most about Sun Maxilink Prime is its investment feature in which part of the money I pay regularly for 10 years is invested to an equity fund that Sun Life fund manager professionally manage.  If I don’t touch the money until retirement, I have the potential to become a millionaire retiree. I know SSS will not make me a millionaire retiree so Sun Maxilink Prime gives me a sense of excitement. Like everybody else, I want to retire comfortably – having food in the table, cash for utility bills, medical bills and even extra cash for travel and leisure activities. I don’t want to retire poor or dependent to my children or relatives. I want to retire rich and financially independent.

Here are the projected fund values/investment values at age 60:

Php 559,713 at 4% fund performance

Php 2,004,393 at 8% fund performance

Php 3,638,079 at 10% fund performance

Fund performance is the average annual compounded return which can be below 4% or even higher than 10%; the higher the percent return, the higher return your money gets.

I think Php 3.6 million is not bad retirement fund, isn’t it? Of course I also have other life insurance plans with fund values or cash values and I have a mutual fund account from Sun Life also. I think for someone who will work for almost 4 decades deserve a comfortable and prosperous retirement, right? I am obnoxious with the idea of being dependent to relatives financially in the future so I start saving and investing now.

Going back to Sun Maxilink Prime. I can withdraw money against my fund value within or after the paying years without the need of paying it back or paying any interest as long as the fund value does not equal to zero. The good thing about this plan is that as long as the fund value does not equal to zero, the policy is still in-forced which means I am still insured with the face amount and the attached riders. But if my goal is to make the plan my retirement plan, I will not touch it until retirement age. If my child needs money for college, I can touch it if there are no other sources of fund.

Sun Maxilink prime can be a good educational/college fund too especially if you get as early as your child is born. After 16-18 years, the fund value can help finance your child’s college education.

For Our Modern Heroes: OFWs

You can avail this plan but if you are located in countries in which Sun Life has no office, you can only avail the Accidental Death Benefit Rider and you cannot avail the  Total Disability Rider (TDB) and the Accidental Death, Dismemberment and Disablement (ADDD) rider. Sun Life has offices in Canada, Philippines, Bermuda, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, China, Malaysia, United States, Vietnam, United Kingdom and Ireland. Good news is that in the future when you work in the Philippines for good or you move to a country where we have an office, you can add the other riders mentioned above. Lastly, you cannot open this plan if you are abroad, you need to be at least in the Philippines to sign the needed documents and also to be interviewed by your chosen Financial Advisor.

Ang ganda ng Sun Maxilink Prime di ba? Request a free quote or proposal now by filling up the form below. You can also text/call me at 09179698062 or email me at


Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in the Philippines for 2014

Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in the Philippines for 2014 thumbnail

According to the latest announcement of the Insurance Commission, Sun Life of Canada Philippines, the oldest life insurance company in the Philippines, again dominated the Philippine insurance market in 2014 based on total premium income. Premium income generally refers to the money an insurance company receives by charging premiums to clients. The company that received the highest premium income in a given year can be considered the industry leader. Insurance companies compete to get the top spot. Sun Life has been holding the number 1 spot since 2011 after displacing Philam Life which has been the market leader for many years. Philam is the second placer last 2013 but now overtaken by Philippine AXA Life by 37 Million pesos. Philippine AXA Life has been very aggressive in its marketing campaigns.

top 10 life insurance companies in the Philippines 2014

It is interesting to note that Sun Life has 10 billion pesos margin from both the second and third placers: AXA and Philam. Will this margin increase or decrease next year? Will Sun Life retain its position in 2015? It is exciting to know the ranking next year. According to Philstar, the life insurance industry reported total premium income of P157 billion last year, roughly 8% lower than the P170 billion in 2013. Traditional policies (whole life,endowment plans, term plans) last year amounted to P50 billion, up from P48.3 billion in 2013. Variable life sales fell from P121 billion in 2013 to P107 billion last year.

While other companies are strong in traditional insurance products, Sun Life is strong in the Variable Life Insurance (VUL) market. VUL is a life insurance plan with life insurance and investment (mutual fund). Sun Life’s most popular VUL plans include Sun Flexilink, Sun Maxilink Prime and Sun Maxilink Bright. In VUL, part of your payment will pay the fees and insurance cost and part of it will be invested in a fund of your choice: equity fund, balanced fund or bond fund. The better returns of VUL funds compared to traditional plans attract the booming middle class in the Philippines. Many Filipinos are no longer attracted to the insurance plans with guaranteed cash values but low interest returns. The booming Philippine economy makes investment-linked (VUL) products attractive for Filipino plan holders.


Sun SartUp: Life Insurance with Guaranteed Return of Premium

Endowment Life Insurance, Insurance

return of premium insurance philippinesMany Filipinos still has wrong belief about life insurance. They believe that the only people who could benefit from life insurance plans are their beneficiaries after their death. This is the reason why many don’t like to get insured because they themselves would not benefit from a life insurance plan. They don’t know that there are life insurance plans that could return part of the premiums/payments they paid. One example is the Sun StartUP, a peso-dominated, non-participating endowment insurance product maturing at the end of 10 years.

An endowment policy is a life insurance contract designed to pay a lump sum amount after a specific term (on its ‘maturity’) or on death. Typical maturities are ten, fifteen or twenty years up to a certain age limit. The maturity of Sun StartUp is 10 years which means after 10 years 50% of your total payment in 10 years will be given to you in cash. However, after the maturity date, you are no longer insured as the plan terminates. Sun StartUP is also a non-participating plan which means, it does not earn dividends or share from the profit of Sun Life.

Sample Proposal: Sun StartUP, Juan Dela Cruz, Male, Married, 1 child, 25 years old, non-smoker, 500,000 Face amount

Annual Basic Premium: 10,610 pesos
Accidental Death Benefit Rider: 885 pesos (Optional)
Total Premium: 11,495 pesos

Face Amount: 500,000 pesos
Modes of Payment: Quarter, Semiannul, Annual
Years To Pay: 10 Years
Riders/Additional Benefits: Accidental Death, Free Living Benefit Rider
Assuming I am Juan Dela Cruz, what benefits will I get from Sun StartUP.

I am insured with 500,000 pesos. If I die due to accident, sickness or murder, my beneficiaries will get 500,000 pesos lump sum from Sun Life.  This would  be of great help to my family who depends on my income. It can pay debt, pay estate tax if I have properties, help my wife start a business, send my child to school, put food in the table,  pay funeral expenses, etc. It may not be a big amount but I am sure it will help my love ones a lot. I feel happy that even at my death, I can still help my family move on with their lives.

When I die due to accident, besides the 500,000 pesos lump sum amount that my beneficiaries receive, they will also get additional 500,000 pesos lump sum amount from the accidental death rider. The total amount my family receives when I die due to accident is 1 Million pesos.

What is the free Living Benefit Rider? This rider will pay  me in advance 60% of 500,000 (300,000 pesos)  if I am diagnosed to be terminally ill with life expectancy of only 12 months or less. Of course medical certificates will be needed to claim this benefit. The other 40% will be given after my death.

Return of Premium

The return of premium is only applicable when I outlive the plan. Meaning, I need to be alive after 10 years (maturity date) to get the return of premium. If I die just before the maturity date, there will be no return of premium and my beneficiaries will get the 500,000 pesos face amount or 1 Million pesos if death is due to accident.

My total payment for the basic premium in 10 years is 106,100 pesos (10,610 x 10). This plan will return 50% of the total basic premium paid which is equivalent to 53,050 pesos. After this money is given to me, the plan will be terminated. If I want to have this plan again, I just need to apply again.

If I doubled the face amount I got, say 1 Million pesos, my annual basic premium would be 21,220 pesos for a total of 212,200 pesos payment in 10 years. The return in premium would be 106,100 pesos.

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Break The Cycle: Don’t Be A Burden To Your Family, Break the Cycle of Dependency



TV Guesting on TV 5 Good Morning Club Show: How To Get Out of Debt

withTwink Macaraig

Last February 15, 2008, a segment researcher of TV5’s Good Morning Club show called me if I am available to guest on their show as a Financial Expert on February 18, 2014. I said yes and told the guy on the phone to send me the details of the show. The topic was about how to get out of debt, a problem that haunts many of our fellow Filipinos today. I was excited to guest on the show and appear on TV LIVE for the first time of my life.  To prepare for the show, I did my research, read relevant books and helped in the creation of the script. I know that the segment will only run for few minutes, so the discussion with the host should be quick but with sense and substance. I was quite intimidated to know that the host who will ask me questions would be  the veteran broadcaster Twink Macaraig who has more than 2 decades of experience in broadcasting. I learned that she moved to TV5 from ABS-CBN, just like what other celebrities are doing.

I was fetched on my house in Mandaluyong at 5 o’clock in the morning but honestly I am already awake at 3AM to practice and memorize the script. I arrived at TV5’s new media center in Reliance, Mandaluyong City (10 minutes from my house) past 5 o’clock. I learned from the staff that the I will appear in a segment called Good Morning Girls hosted by Grace Lee, Twink Macaraig, TinTin Bersola Babao, Tuesday Vargas and Cheryl Cosim. The show went live at 7AM in the morning. I was very happy that the segment went out well and I was able to deliver the answers to the questions successfully. I thanked Twink for making me feel comfortable during the discussion on how to get out of debt.

Of  course, since this is a memorable TV guesting, I never hesitated to get pictures with the hosts:

withTwink Macaraig

With Twink Macaraig at the Good Morning Girls set

With Tintin Bersola Babao

With Tintin Bersola Babao

with Cheryl Cosim and Tuesday Vargas

With Cheryl Cosim and Tuesday Vargas

Can you go to jail if you don’t pay your debt?

This was asked to me in the show. People who always ask this question are credit card holders who are delinquent. No one go to jail because of not being able to pay debt. You will only go to jail when convicted on criminal cases like murder, rape, kidnapping etc. But debt delinquency is not a criminal offense but considered a civil offense. Moreover, the 1987 Constitution states that “No person shall be imprisoned for debt or non-payment of poll tax.” If you are be sued of not paying your debt, the court may order you to pay your debt by liquidating your assets to pay your debts. You must remember that if you issue bouncing checks to pay your credit card debt or any kind of debt,  you may be sued for the criminal offense of estafa. The constitution penalizes issuance of bouncing check not because to prevent debt delinquency but to prevent the circulation of bouncing checks to our economy, thus harming public order.

Banks are usually not suing people on credit card delinquency because it is expensive and takes time. To cut their loss, banks sell delinquent accounts to collection agencies which will collect payments to delinquent credit card holders. These collection agents are usually the one who threaten delinquent credit card holders to pay their debt or else they will go to jail. They even threat people that they will be held in immigration if they don’y pay their debt. The worse is some agents spread the debt problem of credit card holders to their immediate family members, neighbors and even office mates with the goal of embarrassing the credit card holder and forced him/her to pay. Although these harassment practices are not justified, these are wake up calls to us that we should not get into serious debt problem.

Spend Below Your Means

I think this is one of the most important tips on how we could avoid and get out of debt. Many of us spend our money like there is no tomorrow. We buy things that we don’t actually need and we don’t actually afford. We don’t stop spending our income until  nothing is left to spend. Our usual formula  is INCOME – EXPENSES = SAVINGS which is wrong because usually there is nothing left to save. The correct formula is INCOME – SAVINGS = EXPENSES. If our Expenses is higher than our Income, most likely we are in debt. If our expenses keep increasing while our income remains the same, our debt will start piling.

Some of us even consider our credit card as an extension of our income, where in fact it is not. If our regular income is just enough for our daily needs, it would be difficult to pay the things we bought using our credit card. This is the start of getting drown to credit card debt. Even if we pay the minimum amount due for the month, we have to pay the remaining amount next month with the  big interest. If you don’t settle the whole amount due every month, the power of compounding interest will not make you happy.

Can we also mention those people who get housing and car loan without carefully prepared plan on how to pay the monthly amortization every month.  It is not bad to get loans like these but you should always ask yourself if you could really afford it. Your monthly amortization should not exceed 30% of your monthly income or else there is a danger that it would be very difficult for you to pay the monthly amortization if certain financial emergencies strike you like paying hospital bills.

It is normal for us to borrow from our relatives, friends and office mates. Sometimes, kakasahod pa lang natin ubos na, that is why we are forced to borrow from people we know. We should be  thankful if somebody would lend us money but it is very important to pay him/her. Many friendships and relationships have been destroyed because someone is not paying his/her debt. In fact there is a joke, if you want a person to never forget you, borrow money from him/her and never pay it.

If you leave below your means, you do not need to borrow money when you are faced with financial emergency. You should save 10%-20% of your monthly income as your emergency fund. Put in a place that  you could easily withdraw like a bank savings account with ATM. The ideal amount for emergency fund is 3-6 months of your monthly income. I understand if you have small income right now, but this should not be the reason not to save a small part of your income to build your emergency fund. Kahit ba 10  pesos a day hindi mo kaya mag-ipon? Gusto mo ba kahit 10 pesos wala ka mailabas kapag may emergency? You don’t need to have a very high income to build an emergency fund. You just need to have the right mindset to save and avoid getting into debt.

Cut Your Credit Cards and Start Paying

If you can’t pay your credit card debts then you don’t deserve to have a credit card at the moment. Believe me, it will only further destroy you as a borrower and as a person if you continue using your credit cards even if you could not pay the monthly dues. Cut your credit cards today and prepare a plan on how you could pay your credit card debt. You should look at your monthly expenses and stop spending on things that you don’t need, prioritize spending on your basic needs. Consider looking for a sideline work or business to earn extra income to pay your debt faster. If you are already a delinquent credit card holder chased by collection agencies, consider negotiating with them with better payment terms so that you could pay. Running away from your creditors is not a solution to your debt problem because it could destroy your credit history making it difficult to borrow from  the bank in the future. Banks have shared databases of their delinquent debtors to protect themselves from lending to delinquent debtors.

(article not yet finished, to be continued..)


How To Add More Funds To Your Sun Life Mutual Fund Account Via BDO and BPI Online Banking

Mutual Funds

I love online banking because I hate long lines in banks. Imagine waiting for an hour or more just to deposit your money or pay your bills. I feel the time waiting in line  is a waste of time, which I consider as a very important resource. With the banking technology we have in the 21st century, I really could not understand why long queues  are the common scenarios on a regular banking day. I know a lot of Filipinos are cyberphobic when it comes to transacting online because of security reasons but not me. You should not be afraid  if you know what you are doing; as a matter of fact banking websites are more secured nowadays so you feel safer when you pay your bills online, perform online fund  transfer and more.

With online banking, mutual fund account holders no longer need to physically visit the bank or the mutual fund company’s office to add more money to their accounts. You just need a computer with internet connection to do fund transfer from your bank account to the mutual fund company’s account. Today, I will teach you the step by step procedures on how to do add more funds to your Sunlife Mutual Fund account via BDO or BPI online banking. If you have account with other mutual fund companies , these procedures may help you do the same transaction easily.

Enroll Your Bank Account To Online Banking

In order to enjoy the power of online banking,  you need to enroll first your savings account to the bank’s online banking service.   For BPI, enroll here. For BDO, enroll here. If you already have online banking account from BDO or BPI, proceed to  the next step below.

Enroll Sun Life Bank Account Number to Your Online Banking Account

For BDO Online  Banking:

1. Log in to  your online banking account at
2. Click Enrollment Services
3. Click Other Person’s Account
4. Click Enroll

5. Fill up the form. Account number is 000460042254 which is the account number of Sun Life Asset Management Inc. (SLAMCI) in BDO. Account type is Savings Account (PHP), Preffered nickname could be anything like Sun Life Mutual Fund. Also put your personal email address. Click Submit.


6. After clicking the Submit button, a message will appear with the activation code.  List down the activation code.

7. Visit the nearest BDO ATM machine to activate fund transfer to SLAMCI’s BDO account. After entering your pin, choose Other Services button, choose Fund Transfer Activation and  then you will be asked to enter  the activation code. After entering the activation code, a confirmation will tell  you that your fund  transfer is already activated. But you need to wait for 24 hours until the bank account of SLAMCI will appear on the fund transfer feature of your online banking account.

For BPI Express Online Banking:

1. Log in on your online banking account here 2. Click Fund Transfer 3. Click Enroll Third Party Accounts 4. Choose between the 2 options on how would you add a  third party account. I recommend option 2 which what I did when I enrolled. However, you could also choose option 1.

bpi online banking1

5. Fill up the form. Account name is Sun Life Asset Management, Inc. (SLAMCI). Account number of Sun Life Asset Management. Enter the bank account number of SLAMCI which is 0073179807. Select relationship which is Colleague/Others. Enter purpose by selecting Others and typing Mutual fund transfer. Click Continue.

bpi online banking2
6. Print the form and sign it. Then submit it to the nearest BPI branch. You will know that this request has been approved if SLAMCI’s account number reflects in your online banking account fund transfer feature. You can also mail it to the address found in option 1 if you do no not want to personally visit any BPI bank.

bpi online banking3

BDO Fund Transfer

After adding SLAMCI’s BDO account number in your online banking fund transfer feature,  you are now ready to transfer funds into it. Follow these instructions>

1. Log in to your BDO online banking account

2. Click Financial Services

3. Click Financial Transfer

4. Click Transfer Money

5. Fill up the Transfer Details box just like what is shown below. {Minimum investment per fund is 1000 pesos}. Then, click submit.

6. A confirmation message will appear that your fund transfer is successful.  Screen shot the message by pressing Control + Print Screen (PrtScr). Then open Microsoft Paint editor and  then press Control + V to paste the picture/image. You could reduce the size of the picture by using the Resize button. Do not forget to save the picture. If the picture is big enough you could just crop out the important part. The bank will also send you email about the fund transfer which you could also screen shot as proof of investment.

7. You will use the picture in the next and final step which will happen in your Sunlink account or the online account system of Sun Life but let us first learn how to do fund transfer on BPI online banking. Do not delete the picture until you’re done with the next step. At least keep the picture for few months.

BPI Online Banking Transfer

1. Log in  to your BPI online banking account. 

2. Click Fund Transfer

3. Click Transfer Funds Today

4.  Fill up the Fund transfer form like below. {Minimum investment per fund is 1000 pesos}. Then Click Transfer.

bpi fund tras1
5. A confirmation message will appear that your fund transfer is successful.  Screen shot the message by pressing Control + Print Screen (PrtScr). Then open Microsoft Paint editor and  then press Control + V to paste the picture/image. You could reduce the size of the picture by using the Resize button. Do not forget to save the picture. If the picture is big enough you could just crop out the important part. The bank will also send you email about the fund transfer which you could also screen shot as proof of investment.

6. You will use the picture in the next and final step which will happen in your Sunlink account or the online account system of Sun Life. Do not delete the picture until you’re done with the next step. At least keep the picture for few months.

Final Step: Sun Link Online – The Most Important Step

If you just opened your mutual fund account, you could ask your mutual fund agent/representative to assist you in registering your Sun Life mutual fund account on Sun Link Online.  Sun Link is just like bank online banking system in which you could view your fund values/investment amount and other important information. Sun Life life insurance policy accounts and mutual fund accounts of a person are found in just one Sun Link Online account.  Here are the next procedures:

1. Log in to your Sun Link Online account at


2. After logging in, you will see your investment list. Click the  My MF Orders  in the navigation bar above.


3.  Then Click the +add button.

4.  The Additional Investment Order Ticket Form will appear. Fill it out completely.  The Branch of Bank and Shareholder’s Privileges can be left blank. Target payment should be Fund Transfer. The proof of payment will be the picture you saved in your computer awhile ago. Note that maximum image size is 320kb so if you exceeded this, you need to resize it using Microsoft Paint. Select Fund Type (Equity, Balanced or Bond). Select Sales Load (Frontend or backend load.). Then enter investment amount per fund. Select the source of your fund. Then click next. Just continue until a confirmation message will appear that your investment has been successfully submitted.

5. Wait 2 to 3 business days for your additional funds to reflect on your account. Happy investing!



Sun Dream Achiever Explained

Educational Plan

Sun Dream Achiever is another product of Sun Life of Canada (Philippines) that I would like to introduce to Filipino parents who wish to get a life insurance product that has guaranteed education benefits. Below is the description of Sun Dream Achiever taken from

Sun dream achiever




Sun Life in the Philippines has stopped offering traditional pre-need plans due to varied reasons (e.g. low interest rates) but the company offers traditional life insurance and variable universal life insurance products that provides education benefits. One of these products is Sun Dream Achiever. As the plan’s name implies, the objective of this plan is to help parents achieve their dreams of providing quality college education for their children. Planning your kids’ future is the best thing to do and should never be a bahala na plan.  Every month you should set a side a portion of your income for your kids’ education and should be separate from your emergency fund and other investments.

Parents work hard to provide the best education for their children because they believe that education is  the only wealth that could not be taken away by anybody. But what if death or disability comes along the way, how would you make sure that your kids will still attend college and graduate? You can’t afford to say bahala na because your kids’ future is at stake. You probably know how difficult it is to live without education. Would you like your kids to endure odd jobs and low pay because you did not plan their future? Make their future brighter with Sun Life, the oldest life insurance company in the Philippines. With 117 years of existence in the Philippines, Sun Life is your trusted provider of life insurance products with education benefits.

Sun Dream Achiever could answer your needs for income protection, disability insurance and education benefits. For you to better understand this plan, let us discuss a sample proposal that I prepared. This is a proposal for a Filipino male parent, 30 years old and non-smoker. The minimum face amount for Sun Dream Achiever is 250,000 pesos. If you want higher insurance benefits and education benefits, you could get a plan with higher face amount. This plan terminates after 20 years and all remaining college payouts and accumulated dividends will be given to the plan holder. Take note that the name of your child is irrelevant into this plan as you the parent or the payer is the plan holder and the insured. Only the age of your kid is relevant because it will be  used to illustrate the years when cash payouts will be given by Sun Life.

Sun Dream Achiever Plan with Face Amount of 250,000 Pesos

Payment Terms:

  • Annual Payment: PhP 43,547.50/year
  • Mode of Payment: Annual Mode Only
  • Payment years: 5 Years only
  • Total Payment in 5 Years: PhP217,737.5
  •  Payment Centers: Sun Life Offices, Major Banks, Online Banking, Credit Card, Through Agent

Insurance Benefits

Death Benefit: Guaranteed 250,000 pesos – this will be given to the beneficiaries of the plan holder/insured upon his death due to accident, illness or natural death

Accidental Death Benefit: Guaranteed 250,000 pesos – this is additional benefit that will be given to beneficiaries in addition to the 250,000 death benefit if the death is due to accident.

Total Disability Benefits (Waiver of Premium): If you become disabled while paying the plan, Sun Life will waive premium payment. You need to show evidence of disability.

Contingent Benefit Upon Total Disability: If you become disabled for at least 6 continuous months, Sun Life will pay you Benefit Amount of Php 25,000 pesos on each policy year until the first payout of education benefit. This benefit is only available when you avail the Total Disability Benefit rider.

Free Living Benefit Rider: If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness with only 12 months or less to live, Sun Life will provide advance payment of 60% of the face amount or equivalent to 150,000 pesos in cash.

Education Benefits

Let us say that the first college  cash payout will be on the 17th year, how much will your kid receive as education benefit.

  • At the 17th year: guaranteed 50,000 pesos
  • At the 18th year:  guaranteed 57,500 pesos
  • At the 19th year: guaranteed  66,000 pesos
  • At the 20th year (maturity date) : guaranteed 76,500 pesos + accumulated dividends (not guaranteed)

Total Payout in 4 years: 250,000 pesos

If you think the above cash payouts will not be enough in the future, you could get a higher plan. However, if you are limited with your budget, you could get this plan now and get additional plan in the future.


Just like stocks, this plan earns dividends too but they are not guaranteed because they are dependent with the company’s profit. You have the option  to receive dividend payout every year but you also have the option to leave them to the company to accumulate. You can also use your dividends to pay your regular premium. If you leave the dividends to accumulate into the company, you will receive them all on the plan’s maturity date.

In  the proposal I created, the accumulated dividends amounts to 55,713 pesos at the current accumulation rate of 4% or 31,963 pesos of the current accumulation rate of 3.50%.

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Invest and Travel with Sun Life Mutual Funds | Investing with Perks

Mutual Funds

It is more fun to invest in the Philippines! And it is more fun to invest on Sun Life Mutual Funds! Sun Life Asset Management Inc. is calling individual and institutional investors to enjoy exciting getaways by investing a minimum of 1 Million pesos or $20,000 to any of the following Sun Life Prosperity funds: Balanced Fund, Bond Fund, GS Fund, Philippine Equity, Dollar Abundance Fund and Dollar Advantage Fund.

Experience local retreats from the urban jungles of Manila and Cebu,  to the pristine beaches of Boracay or the coastal towns of Davao and Iloilo, there is something for the weary traveler. Shop in high end shopping centers of Bangkok and Singapore. Discover the beautiful cities of Shanghai, Seoul and Tokyo.  Realize your dream to visit Sydney, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  Invest now!

For more information, contact me at 09179698062 or email me at 
















Globe Fair Use Policy (FUP) , 1GB Data Cap, Is It Fair?

Money Issues

Did you receive the text message below from Globe recently? If you are a Globe Postpaid plan holder subscribed to the Php999/month unlisurf plan, most likely you have received this message especially if your daily routine is watching a lot of Youtube videos, downloading games, applications and movies in your laptop or smart phone. I believe you got angry (or super angry) upon  reading this text message and upon learning that you could no longer enjoy the power of the internet with the rest of the day and you need to wait until midnight when everybody is sleeping to enjoy again  the beauty of the internet.

globe fair use policy

I feel your pain friend as I am also a subscriber of the so called “unlisurf plan”. Now, there is a limit on what I can do online. Too bad for me because watching videos and movies online is how I remove my stress from a whole day of work. Now I am “stressed” because of this data limit. Globe said on their advertisements and their glossy fliers that their 999 UnliSurf plan is for unlimited browsing which is true until lately that they put 1 GB/day data cap on all subscribers citing their Fair Use Policy Guideline. After a subscriber consumed 1 GB of data within the day, his/her speed will slow down from 3G/4g/LTE to 2G. With this newly implemented data cap, I found out that their definition of unlimited surfing does not include unlimited video watching and unlimited downloading. I say OMG, most people subscribe to this plan because they want to enjoy watching videos and downloading things without limit. Globe said that it is necessary for them to implement this Fair Use Policy to solve the problem of network congestion. According to the video at the end of this article, data capping is not the best way to solve network congestion but by expanding network infrastructure and resources.

globe logoMost people are not angry because they put this data cap limit; most are angry because of their false advertisement (some say deception). They advertise the product as “unlimited” which every Filipino understands just the way we understand “unlimited rice.” Like any normal being, a subscriber of this “unli” plan feels being deceived and expresses anger. Who wants to be deceived, right? Subscribers express their anger and disappointment in online forums and social networking sites. Of course, they are expecting that Globe will be able to hear them. Yes, I think Globe hears them but I believe it will not do something about it.  The Globe executives will just watch them and laugh at them, saying: You have no choice! My friend, this is monopoly and corporate greed at its best! This is the Philippines!

Their customer care reps must endure being shouted upon by angry subscribers. Many may have already cancelled their plans and moved to other networks like Smart which I heard is not actively implementing their own FUP. Perhaps, Smart has the capacity to handle network congestion better than Globe which few months ago boasted their $700 million modernization program. Despite this program (which the company describes as “ambitious”), they are now implementing a cap to solve”network congestion” which should have solved by the modernization project.

According to the video below, “Most network congestion is not caused by the amount of data used but network congestion is related to the number of concurrent transfers. Data is not a limited resource, rate is a limited resource insofar as you can only send so much data down a single connection at any one time but any amount of data can be sent over time.” And to increase the “rate”,  internet service providers (ISPs) should limit the number of subscribers or build more cellular towers. Globe would not like to do these 2 options because it will probably decrease  their revenue if they limit the number of subscribers and it will not probably build more cellular towers because that would be additional expense for the company.

Agreeing with a statement in the video, the main reason why Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like Globe is giving data cap to their subscribers is because they want to generate higher revenue from their broadband services. As the revenue from text messages and calls is dropping with the rise of internet services/applications, Globe might be planning to tap its broadband services to increase revenue. Sooner, Globe will offer more expensive plans that will offer higher daily data cap (higher then 1 GB/day) or even unlimited surfing without the “limit” but with a higher price. They may even implement additional charges if you exceed the daily limit. This is how the telecom companies in the USA are charging their customers’ internet usage. I am willing to pay higher price to get unlimited internet services but the telecom company should be transparent on every detail of the plan.

In  the video above, I agree that data capping curtails technological innovation and productivity. Many useful and sensible internet-based (web-based) software today used up higher data. With data capping, there is a limit on  the way we use these software and applications in our daily lives.

The good thing about my current plan is that I am not locked in a 24 month contract so I can cancel my plan anytime with just a minimal fee. Many subscribers are locked in a 24-month contract that is why they have no choice but to wait until their contract expires or else they will pay huge fees. Now, I am planning to cut my  current plan and move to a better broadband provider. How about you? Share your plans, frustrations and disappointments in the comment box below!


Top 10 Philippine Life Insurance Companies in 2013


Besides from being a financial advisor, I am also a search marketing specialist that is  why I am always intrigued on what Filipinos are searching online to reach this blog. I noticed that a lot of people are searching for the top life insurance companies in the Philippines for the year 2013. Although 2013 is finally over, the Insurance Commission has not yet released the ranking of life insurance companies for the year 2013. What data available right now is the 2012 ranking of life insurance companies on different categories such as premium income, assets, net worth and paid up capital. In this post, I would like to highlight the  ranking of Philippine life insurance companies based on premium income. For your reference, last year, I wrote an article on the top 10 life insurance companies in the Philippines for 2011 based on premium income. defines premium income as the “revenue that is derived from premiums paid by customers.” This means the number 1 life insurance company in terms of premium income has collected the highest amount of premiums in the Philippines for the year 2012. This is a very good measurement on the performance of a given life insurance company. Strong marketing efforts and highly skilled insurance advisors contribute a lot on the revenue of each life insurance company. I noticed that major life insurance companies have aggressive marketing/branding efforts in the past year and these efforts have translated to higher revenues and more Filipinos being insured. More and more Filipinos are getting educated on the importance of life insurance and many of them actually get their own life insurance policies.

According to the Insurance Commissions’s website, this is the ranking of Philippine life insurance companies based on premium income for 2012. Canadian insurer Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. is again the number 1 life insurance company in terms of total premium income. This makes me proud as a financial advisor of Sun Life of Canada Philippines.

ranking 2013 life insurance companies

Sun Life beats the 2nd placer PRU Life UK with about 5 Billion pesos difference. In 2011, Sun Life beat 2nd placer Philam Life with just 300 million pesos difference. Unfortunately, last 2012 Philam Life’s ranking drop to number 4 and its rank was given to PRU Life. You could notice in  the table that although Sun Life is number 1 in  terms of total premium income, Philam Life is number 1 in premium income for traditional life insurance while the British insurer PRU Life UK is number 1 for variable life insurance (VUL). Pru Life remarkably jumped from rank 4 in 2011 to rank 2 in 2012. VUL is a combination of life insurance and investment in one plan; examples of VUL are Sun Life’s Sun Flexilink, Sun Maxilink Prime and Sun Maxilink. I am very proud of our very own  Insular Life for being at rank 6 making it the biggest Filipino insurance company.

Sun Life has achieved 44% growth (5 billion pesos) in premium income on 2012. This is an astonishing growth for a life insurance company. All life insurance companies in the Philippines collected a total of P119,454,550,174 from policy holders. This looks big but according to studies only 1.1 percent of Filipinos have some form of life insurance. This is small percentage compared to other countries in the region.

I do believe that the ranking of Philippine Life Insurance companies is less important than the ability of  these companies to fulfill the promises they have written in the policy contracts of millions of Filipino policy holders. They should be able to pay claims from policy holders and their beneficiaries. They should have enough reserve to pay present and future obligations to policy holders. They should be able to safe guard our hard earned money that we entrusted to them. We Filipinos deserve excellent service from these 30+ life insurance companies. We entrust the future of our families with them so they better do their job well.

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Message to OFWs Who Want to Avail Life Insurance and Mutual Fund Products

Insurance, Investing
ofw investment

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I receive a lot of inquiries and proposal requests from our beloved Overseas Filipino Workers who want to avail life insurance and mutual fund products from Sun Life. Many of them would like  to transact online since they are not physically located in the Philippines. Even though I very much like to  grant their requests, this would not be possible because Philippine laws require us to meet each client we would like to offer our services. If we violate these laws, there would be bad consequences such as invalidation of policy contracts. You must be present in the Philippines to fill up the application forms and affix your signatures to the documents.  Also, there are scams online victimizing vulnerable people and we want to prevent this from happening.

Good news is you could ask for proposals from me and we will discuss it via email, viber, ym, chat, skype, etc while you are abroad. You could also ask financial questions from me anytime, anywhere. When you return back in the Philippines for vacations, you could already avail our financial products like term insurance, whole life insurance, variable life insurance and mutual fund. When you return back abroad, you could pay your premium online or ask your trusted family member to make the payment for you in the bank or Sun life office. In every transaction, there should always be a receipt or proof of transaction for your safety and reference.

I would like to thank our dear OFWs for reading my blog and for continuously supporting our economy via your remittances. Hopefully, you would invest/save part of your remittances and not let your family spend all of it. Remember, you will not be an OFW forever so you better save or invest now for your future. Wishing you all a happy and prosperous new year!


How To Retire Like A Lotto Millionaire Without Ever Buying Lotto Tickets


I recently saw a funny but interesting infographic about lotto in Francisco Colayco’s blog that I felt so excited to post in this blog. If I could just post this infographic in all walls of lotto outlets, I would have given this country a big favor. Many of us Filipinos try our luck to be millionaires by lotto betting. Even there is a higher possibility to be stricken by lightning than by winning the national lotto jackpot, we still have this hope that someday we will win the jackpot. Many combine their family birthdays, special dates and special numbers in their lotto bets. We were taught by adults that if we dream about winning the lottery, we need to memorize and write down the winning combinations because they believe that these are the possible winning combinations. But I really don’t believe that our dreams can provide us with the winning combinations, although I admit that when I was young I believed with this myth. I don’t believe on winning the lottery anymore that is why it has been years since I bought lottery tickets. Now I believe that working hard and working wise are the keys to prosperity.  I am not against that lottery business because they provide revenue to the government (via PCSO) that could be used in various socioeconomic projects but I am against on how some Filipinos spend a lot of money in lotto betting for many long years. I observed that a lot of poor Filipinos patiently fall in line in lotto outlets nationwide. I am frustrated with this scenario because I believe that their money should be spent or used in something more worthwhile.

Many Filipinos grew old betting in our national lottery and almost of all of them never won. They are still betting now but surprisingly they don’t have retirement fund or even an emergency fund.  If they could have invested their money from  the start instead of betting in the lottery, they could have funds for retirement and emergencies. They don’t need to retire poor if they just knew how to use their money properly instead of betting in the lottery daily with the rest of their lives. Let us look with the infographic below and be amazed:


Invest or bet?

Invest or bet?

If a Filipino invested his daily budget of 100 pesos for lotto into an investment vehicle that could give him 20% average return in a year, he would have a retirement fund of 229,129,680 after 40 years of investing. Imagine this huge amount of money that could give a comfortable retirement for a Filipino. Less than 1% of Filipinos retire with this amount of money so if you are able to accumulate this wealth for 40 years and never bet in the lottery, you would be one of the few who would retire rich.  It is difficult to retire poor in the Philippines, because if you get sick you need money for treatment. If you don’t have money, you will just die unless your children and relatives will help you financially. Forget seeking help from the government, you know why.


Retirement Planning in the Philippines – Don’t Be Poor on Retirement

Investing, Retirement

Filipino old manSeeing my grandparents reaching their 80s quite amazed me because they were able to live 8 decades which I think is a superb biological achievement. I believe that with my generation, very few will be able to reach 80 years old like my grandparents did, considering all the unhealthy food we eat, the polluted air we breathe and the daily stressors of life we always face. While I am happy that my grandparents have lived this long I feel sadness in my heart that they are were unprepared for retirement. Instead of enjoying their remaining years in this world, they are still working to survive, to put food in the table, to pay electricity, to buy medicine, etc. They could not depend to their 9 children because all of them have families of their own already and not financially well off. I am just glad that my grandmother is still strong to shop in the market and buy groceries for her small sari-sari store. I know she’s tired already and she has no choice because my grandfather could not help her anymore because of his condition: heart problem, weak vision, hearing problem and general weakness. I always hear financial and health complain from my grandparents whenever I have a chance to talk to them. I give money to both of them sometimes but not much because I have many financial responsibilities in my hand already: having my own family to provide for and still sending my own siblings to college. How I wish the dear Lord provide me more with blessings so that I can share more to my aged grandparents.

Because retirement planning is an alien phrase in the past (and probably at present), I could not totally blame my grandparents for their lack of retirement preparedness. They were not professionals but just farmers back then and putting food in the table for their big family is the top priority instead of saving for retirement. I guess they don’t have any idea of retirement planning or they just think that retirement planning is for the rich people only. Even their kids including my father don’t know anything about retirement or even care about it. Thankfully , just few months ago I told him and mom that opening SSS account is not only for employees but also for farmers as well (my parents are farmers) and it is not yet too late for them to have  something to look for retirement which is SSS pension. Although SSS is not enough for retirement, it is still better to have one than nothing at all. They love the idea of being pensioners someday but I just wish they would not be shocked of how little they are going to receive. Actually, my parents are already in their 50s so it is a little bit late for them to get SSS but not too late to have one.

Many of us today, especially the younger generation, don’t think of retirement planning because we think that it is too early to plan retirement. We think spending and enjoying our money is the best thing to do while we are young. We want to enjoy life because we think we deserve it. It is not wrong to enjoy life with our hard earned money but we should also prepare for the future. We should set a side portion of our income for future needs or for retirement. It is never too early to plan retirement. The earlier we start the better because money grows through time. Didn’t you wonder why we were required by the government to start contributing to SSS/GSIS as early as we start working? It is because it needs time for our money to grow. SSS/GSIS will invest our money to different investment channels in order to grow. SSS/GSIS does not just put our contributions in the bank, they invest it to grow. Their investment earning is what they use to support millions of pensioners today and to finance our SSS benefits.

Besides contributing to SSS, we could also start investing in mutual funds and in the stock market. For a minimum initial investment of 5000 pesos we could already open an account in a stock broker or mutual fund. Make it a habit investing in stocks or mutual funds regularly and through time you watch your investments grow. The current year on year return of Sun Life Prosperity Equity fund (a mutual fund) as of writing time is 43.76%, higher than the less than 1-2% interest from the bank. So if you invested 100,000 pesos on Sun Life Equity fund 365 days ago, your money could have earned 43,760 pesos already. Not bad right? Imagine your retirement wealth if you made it a hobby investing in stocks and mutual funds at age 21. I am sure, you will not end like my grandparents who are still working on their 80s.

Buying expensive gadgets and things that you don’t need is a waste of money. They depreciate in value so fast unlike mutual fund and stock investments that appreciate in value through time. Make your money work for you by saving and investing. Money you don’t spend now (and you invest now) is money you will enjoy in the future. Do you want to retire poor? I know you don’t like it. Who does? Right? So save and invest now and if you don’t know where to start, just contact and I will help you out.


How To Open Sun Life Mutual Fund Account in the Philippines

Mutual Funds

As a new SEC-Certified Investment Solicitor, I am very proud to say that I can now begin helping fellow Filipinos make their money grow by investing in mutual fund. I myself  has a mutual fund account and I enjoy investing money into it every pay day as well as seeing my money grow in value every month. Besides being an account holder of Sun Life mutual fund, I am licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to help Filipino investors open their first Sun Life Mutual fund account. I attended mutual fund trainings from Sun Life and passed the exam administered by the SEC. There are many mutual funds in the Philippines but I am only allowed to represent Sun Life as much as I want to represent all these mutual funds. Sun Life  mutual funds have good reputations and I believe many Filipinos will open an account  into them.

Before you open a mutual fund account, it would be important that you understand it first. At least try to understand how would you earn from it, how mutual funds work and what risks involved in investing into it. Below is a video by Filipino financial planning expert Aya Laraya that explains mutual funds:

Another video by ANC on the Money about mutual fund investment. Guest expert is none other than Valerie Pama COO, Sun Life Asset Management Co.

Also watch this video of a mutual fund investor who invested his 300,000 pesos contest price into a mutual fund in the 1998 and turned it into 2.8 million by 2012. This just shows that earning money from mutual fund is not a myth or hearsay but the truth. Mutual fund is a way way better than bank deposits in terms of returns.

If you need to learn more about mutual funds, the best way to do is to contact an SEC-licensed mutual fund representative (like me :)). A mutual fund representative could assist you in your financial planning and recommend the appropriate mutual funds to your financial needs, risk appetite and time horizon. Remember that only SEC-licensed mutual fund representatives can solicit mutual fund investment from you.

Sun Life Mutual Funds

Sun Life has 7 mutual funds (Prosperity Funds) which are all registered to the Securities and Exchange Commission and managed by Sun Life Asset Management Inc. (SLAMC). If ever you decide to open a mutual fund account with Sun Life, you can choose from these 7 mutual funds depending on your objectives, risk appetites and time horizon.

Type of Prosperity Fund What’s My Objective? Where will my money go? What’s my risk appetite? How much is the minimum investment? What’s the minimum amount if I want to add?
Money Market Fund I just want to leave my cash for a short period of time and earn from it, too. This Fund invests in special savings accounts I’m very conservative Php 5,000 Php 1,000
GS (Government Securities) Fund I want my money to earn but my investment should be kept intact. This Fund invests mainly in government debt I’m conservative Php 5,000 Php 1,000
Bond Fund I want my money to earn but my investment should be kept relatively stable. This Fund invests in government and high-quality corporate debt I’m moderately conservative Php 5,000 Php 1,000
Balanced Fund I want my money to earn more and I can afford to lose some of my investment for higher return This Fund invests in a mix of  high-quality debt and equity securities I’m somewhat between conservative and risky Php 5,000 Php 1,000
Philippine Equity Fund I want to maximize the potential of my money for  higher return over the long term This Fund invests mainly in  high-quality equity securities I believe in the saying, “high risk, high return” Php 5,000 Php 1,000
Dollar Abundance Fund I want to invest my US dollars to preserve it. This Fund invests in foreign-denominated government and high-quality corporate debt I’m conservative USD 1,000 USD 200
Dollar Advantage Fund I want to invest my US dollars and I can afford to lose some of my investment for higher return This Fund invests in a mix of  high-quality debt and equity securities I’m somewhat between conservative and risky USD 1,000 USD 200

*Table was taken from the Sun Life Philippines website.

To learn more about mutual funds and to open an account, fill out the form below:


List of Mutual Fund Companies in the Philippines

Investing, Mutual Funds

Investing in mutual funds is one ideal way to make your money work for you. You just invest your money in a mutual fund of your choice and watch your money grow through time. Let the expert people in the mutual fund company manage your money and continue doing things that you love. If investing in stocks seems complicated for you to comprehend, then investing in mutual fund is the wise thing to do. You just open an account in a reputable mutual fund company, put money into it regularly and you are good to go.  Just by saving regularly to your mutual fund account, you are slowly building your personal wealth which you could use in the near future as  retirement fund, education fund, travel fund, etc. But before you invest in a mutual fund company, make sure that you know what you are doing – that you know the risks involved like the potential to lose money. Do not invest your hard-earned money in something that you really not understand. If it is difficult for you to understand this mutual fund thing, talk to a SEC licensed investment solicitor or mutual fund representatives. They will help you understand the fundamentals of mutual fund and they will even assist you in opening your first mutual fund account.

In the Philippines, there are several mutual fund companies registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the government agency that safeguards the rights of the investing public. Do not invest  in a mutual fund company not registered in the SEC and make sure the you verify the identity of any person or mutual fund representative that solicits investment from you. With the many scams we heard in the news, it is better to be careful than be sorry in the end. Below is the list of mutual fund companies registered in the SEC:

Peso Stock Funds

ATR KimEng Equity Opportunity Fund, Inc. (
DWS Deutsche Philippine Equity Fund, Inc
First Metro Save and Learn Equity Fund, Inc. (
Philam Strategic Growth Fund, Inc. (
Philequity Fund, Inc. (
Philequity PSE Index Fund Inc. (
Philippine Stock Index Fund Corp.
Sun Life Prosperity Phil. Equity Fund, Inc. (
United Fund, Inc. (

Peso Balanced Funds

ALFM Growth Fund, Inc   (
First Galleon Family Fund, Inc.
First Metro Save and Learn Balanced Fund Inc. (
GSIS Mutual Fund, Inc.
MFMCP Kabuhayan Fund, Inc.
Optima Balanced Fund, Inc. (
Philam Fund, Inc. (
Sun Life Prosperity Balanced Fund, Inc. (

Foreign Currency Balanced Funds

Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Advantage Fund, Inc. (

Peso Bond Funds

ALFM Peso Bond Fund, Inc.   (
Cocolife Fixed Income Fund, Inc.
DWS Deutsche Philippine Fixed Income Fund, Inc.
Ekklesia Mutual Fund Inc.
First Metro Save and Learn Fixed Income Fund, Inc. (
Philam Bond Fund, Inc. (
Philequity Peso Bond Fund, Inc. (
Prudentialife Fixed Income Fund Inc.
Sun Life Prosperity Bond Fund, Inc. (
Sun Life Prosperity GS Fund, Inc. (

Foreign Currency Bond Funds

AIG Global Bond Fund Phils.,Inc.
ALFM Dollar Bond Fund, Inc.   (
ALFM Euro Bond Fund, Inc.   (
Grepalife Dollar Bond Fund Corp.
Grepalife Fixed Income Fund Corp.
MAA Privilege Dollar Fixed Income Fund, Inc.
MAA Privilege Euro Fixed Income Fund, Inc.
Philam Dollar Bond Fund, Inc. (
Philequity Dollar Income Fund Inc. (
Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Abundance Fund, Inc. (

Peso Money Market Funds

ATR KimEng Money Market Fund, Inc. (
Philam Managed Income Fund, Inc. (
Sun Life Prosperity Money Market Fund, Inc.   (
ALFM Money Market Fund, Inc.    (
First Metro Save and Learn Money Market Fund, Inc. (


Affordable Educational Plan for as Low as PhP 2500/Month with Life Insurance & Investment

Educational Plan

It is a dream of every Filipino parent to see their children receive their college diploma, a piece of paper that opens a lot of doors for better job opportunities in the country and abroad. Many parents work hard and spend a fortune just to send their children to college because they believe that education is the key for brighter future and of course success.  They also believe that unlike material possessions, education cannot be stolen away.

But with the increasing cost of education, it is becoming harder for parents to send their children to college. Tuition fees and miscellaneous fees increasing every year not to mention the increasing cost of basic goods and services. Unfortunately, parents’ salary could not catch up with increasing cost of living and education. Private education is very expensive while public education is also getting costly with little government subsidy and scarce number of scholarship grants.

As a parent, you want to send your children to college. In order to this, you need to plan ahead. You need to have an educational or college plan for your kids. The best time to get an educational plan is when your kids are still young. This is  for you to have more time to save money for their education. Let us say, your baby is just 1 year old, if you get him/her an educational plan today, you will have 16-18 years to save or invest money for his/her education.

There are many insurance companies that offer educational plans in the Philippines. The good thing about these educational plans is that they have life insurance feature. If something will happen to the payer (parent), the premium or payment will be waived which means the dependents don’t need to pay anymore but the plan is still active. So even if the Lord will get you early, you are assured that your children have funds for college.

Shocking Cost of Education

Every year, colleges and universities increase their tuition fees to as high as 10%. Assuming that schools increase their fees at this rate every year, you will be shocked how much it will cost you to send your sons and daughters to college few years from now. Let us get sample calculation. For example, your child is still a baby right now, how much would be his/her tuition fee when he/she will be in college or after 18 years.

Ateneo de Manila University

Estimated Current Annual Tuition Fee: Php 144,000

Estimated Tuition Fee After 18 Years (10% annual increase): Php 804,525

De La Salle University

Estimated Current Annual Tuition Fee: Php 188,881

Estimated Tuition Fee After 18 Years (10% annual increase): Php 1,050,162

University of Santo Tomas

Estimated Current Annual Tuition Fee: Php 89,041

Estimated Tuition Fee After 18 Years (10% annual increase): Php 495,063

University of the Philippines

Estimated Current Annual Tuition Fee: Php 49,000

Estimated Tuition Fee After 18 Years (10% annual increase): Php 272,435


Although the data above are just projections, they give you an idea on how much money you are going to shell out in the future to enroll your kids in school. Take note that miscellaneous fees and the usual “baon” + project/assignment expenses are not yet included in the calculation. I do not guarantee the accuracy of the data presented above and they may change from time to time.

Variable Universal Life Plan as an Educational Plan

A variable universal life plan is a life insurance plan with investment feature. This can be used as an educational plan for your kids. You are going to save a specific amount every year, for 5 or 10 years to an insurance company (like Sun Life Financial) and in return the insurance company will give you life insurance coverage and invest a portion of your yearly saving to an investment fund of your choice: equity fund, bond fund, balanced fund or money market fund. The investment fund will have the potential to grow through the years or until your child will enroll to college. If your child will not be able to use the college fund for various reasons (like the availability of scholarship), you have the option to let your money stay with Sun Life and grow even more.

How Much Is the Educational Plan?

Well, the higher is your saving/investment, the higher will be your child’s college/educational fund. You can start for as low as 2000 pesos per month depending on your age and goals. If you get an educational plan early (say in your 20s), the lower would be your monthly contribution because age is a big big factor in determining your premium or regular payment. If you want to send your kids to big and famous universities, of course you need to have higher contributions. Request a quote or proposal in this page and don’t forget to indicate your kid’s age in the “message section.” It is FREE to request a quote/proposal, no obligation in your part, just the time you will invest in reading and understanding the proposal.

Sun Life Plan with Education Benefit:

Sun Maxilink Bright – 5 years to pay  life insurance plan with educational fund and other benefits. (Recommended)

Sun Dream Achiever – 5 years to pay life insurance plan with educational fund and other benefits


My Wife Is Now A Proud Sun Life Policy Holder!

My wife posing with her Sunlife policy contract.

My wife posing with her Sun Life policy contract.


My wife is now a proud Sun Life policy holder. She availed Sun Maxilink Prime, one of the best products offered by Sun Life Financial. This plan is a combination of life insurance and investment, commonly called variable life insurance. She will pay a specific amount each year for 10 years in which part of the payment will be invested in an equity fund and part of it will pay  for life insurance coverage. I am very proud that my wife is my first “client” as a Sun Life Insurance Advisor. I also got similar plan for myself in addition to other existing life insurance plans that I currently have.

So what benefits will my wife get in getting Sun Maxilink Prime?

By just paying PhP 18,000 a year or Php1,500 a month for 10 years, my wife will get a life insurance coverage of Php700,000. There would be additional PhP350,000 insurance coverage if our dear Lord get her back from me through accident. (I hope not too soon. I love her so much!) Her beneficiaries will receive the said money when she die (knock on the wood). My wife will also get money from Sun Life if she becomes disabled or dismembered. (More on life insurance benefits here)

Enough with the death benefits! Let us go to the retirement benefits that my wife can get after patiently saving for 10 years. By the age of 65, my wife has a projected retirement fund of about 3 million pesos assuming that for 39 years, she never touched her fund value and the average annual investment return is 10%.  She can get higher or lower retirement fund depending on annual investment returns. Of course, she got excited when she learned that she can retire a millionaire if she saves or invest as early as now. In reality, there are only few Filipinos who retire as millionaires because most Filipinos don’t know the importance of saving and investing. early. My wife can be a future millionaire retiree with Sun Life Maxilink Prime.

My wife just planned of saving in the bank but I told her that her money will just sleep there and could not catch up with the inflation or the rising cost of basic commodities. If she knows how to invest, she will get higher returns for her money. This way, she could beat inflation.

Besides educating my wife on the value of investing, I also told her the value of life insurance. She can protect her family financially if ever something happens to her just by getting life insurance. Although her life insurance coverage is not that high, Php700,000 is not that bad. It can be used as college fund for our son already. Life insurance is one way of showing her love to her family even she’s already with the Father.

I hope more Filipino mommies (also daddies) will be like my wife, a proud Sun Life policy holder who has a great plan for the future.

The best time to invest and be insured is now! Get a quote or proposal now!

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