College education is getting expensive year after year making it very difficult for Filipino parents to send their children to college. Even state universities are implementing high tuition rates, an added headache to parents who are already struggling to provide the daily living allowance of their children. Private college education can be just a dream […]


Sun Life Financial’s Sun Flexilink is a life insurance product with an investment component just like Sun Maxilink Prime which me and my wife availed to serve as financial protection for our family when any of us die and to save and invest money for our retirement, child’s education and future expenses.  It is a financial protector […]


People always pray and wish for good health for themselves and their families because we believe that health is wealth. Indeed, health is wealth because if we are sick, we cannot work and earn money or our savings or wealth will be spent for expensive medical treatments.  Unfortunately, sickness or illness is a natural part […]


With many life insurance companies in the Philippines right now and with the long list of life insurance plans they are offering, it is not uncommon for an average Juan to get confused or undecided of which plan to get. It is as difficult as shopping clothes in a large department store. Well, as a life insurance […]


Many Filipinos still has wrong belief about life insurance. They believe that the only people who could benefit from life insurance plans are their beneficiaries after their death. This is the reason why many don’t like to get insured because they themselves would not benefit from a life insurance plan. They don’t know that there […]



Last February 15, 2008, a segment researcher of TV5’s Good Morning Club show called me if I am available to guest on their show as a Financial Expert on February 18, 2014. I said yes and told the guy on the phone to send me the details of the show. The topic was about how […]


I love online banking because I hate long lines in banks. Imagine waiting for an hour or more just to deposit your money or pay your bills. I feel the time waiting in line  is a waste of time, which I consider as a very important resource. With the banking technology we have in the […]


Sun Dream Achiever Explained

by Raymund Camat on February 3, 2014 · 0 comments

in Educational Plan

Sun Dream Achiever is another product of Sun Life of Canada (Philippines) that I would like to introduce to Filipino parents who wish to get a life insurance product that has guaranteed education benefits. Below is the description of Sun Dream Achiever taken from   Sun Life in the Philippines has stopped offering traditional pre-need […]


It is more fun to invest in the Philippines! And it is more fun to invest on Sun Life Mutual Funds! Sun Life Asset Management Inc. is calling individual and institutional investors to enjoy exciting getaways by investing a minimum of 1 Million pesos or $20,000 to any of the following Sun Life Prosperity funds: […]


Globe Fair Use Policy (FUP) , 1GB Data Cap, Is It Fair?

by Raymund Camat February 2, 2014 Money Issues

Did you receive the text message below from Globe recently? If you are a Globe Postpaid plan holder subscribed to the Php999/month unlisurf plan, most likely you have received this message especially if your daily routine is watching a lot of Youtube videos, downloading games, applications and movies in your laptop or smart phone. I […]

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Top 10 Philippine Life Insurance Companies in 2013

by Raymund Camat January 15, 2014 Insurance

Besides from being a financial advisor, I am also a search marketing specialist that is  why I am always intrigued on what Filipinos are searching online to reach this blog. I noticed that a lot of people are searching for the top life insurance companies in the Philippines for the year 2013. Although 2013 is […]

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Message to OFWs Who Want to Avail Life Insurance and Mutual Fund Products

by Raymund Camat January 14, 2014 Insurance

I receive a lot of inquiries and proposal requests from our beloved Overseas Filipino Workers who want to avail life insurance and mutual fund products from Sun Life. Many of them would like  to transact online since they are not physically located in the Philippines. Even though I very much like to  grant their requests, […]

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How To Retire Like A Lotto Millionaire Without Ever Buying Lotto Tickets

by Raymund Camat May 30, 2013 Retirement

I recently saw a funny but interesting infographic about lotto in Francisco Colayco’s blog that I felt so excited to post in this blog. If I could just post this infographic in all walls of lotto outlets, I would have given this country a big favor. Many of us Filipinos try our luck to be […]

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Retirement Planning in the Philippines – Don’t Be Poor on Retirement

by Raymund Camat May 23, 2013 Investing

Seeing my grandparents reaching their 80s quite amazed me because they were able to live 8 decades which I think is a superb biological achievement. I believe that with my generation, very few will be able to reach 80 years old like my grandparents did, considering all the unhealthy food we eat, the polluted air […]

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List of Mutual Fund Companies in the Philippines

by Raymund Camat February 6, 2013 Investing

Investing in mutual funds is one ideal way to make your money work for you. You just invest your money in a mutual fund of your choice and watch your money grow through time. Let the expert people in the mutual fund company manage your money and continue doing things that you love. If investing […]

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Affordable Educational Plan for as Low as PhP 2500/Month with Life Insurance & Investment

by Raymund Camat January 21, 2013 Educational Plan

It is a dream of every Filipino parent to see their children receive their college diploma, a piece of paper that opens a lot of doors for better job opportunities in the country and abroad. Many parents work hard and spend a fortune just to send their children to college because they believe that education […]

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My Wife Is Now A Proud Sun Life Policy Holder!

by Raymund Camat January 14, 2013 Insurance

  My wife is now a proud Sun Life policy holder. She availed Sun Maxilink Prime, one of the best products offered by Sun Life Financial. This plan is a combination of life insurance and investment, commonly called variable life insurance. She will pay a specific amount each year for 10 years in which part […]

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Importance of Life Insurance to Filipino Families

by Raymund Camat December 19, 2012 Insurance

Life insurance is a financial product that is not so popular among Filipinos because it talks about death which is a sensitive topic to discuss. In fact, life insurance is one of hardest products to sell among Filipinos along with encyclopedia and funeral plans. Compared to countries with advance economies in the world, the Philippines […]

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