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My name is Raymund Camat and I am the blogger of MoneyTalkPH.com. My mission is to spread financial literacy to Filipinos worldwide to achieve the ultimate goal of Financial Freedom. If this is your first time visiting my blog, I recommend you explore all the articles I wrote here.

I am a certified wealth and estate planner. I am affiliated with the oldest life insurance company and currently the number 1 life insurance company in the Philippines. I am licensed life insurance advisor and mutual fund representative for the company. Our company has a wide range of life insurance and investment products including the following:

  • 10 Year Limited Pay VUL Plan – a life insurance plan with investment component that could be used to finance future needs like education and retirement. With the option to include accidental death benefit, disablement benefit, dismemberment benefit, and hospital income benefit. This plan is payable for at least 10 years.
  • Regular Pay VUL Plan – a life insurance plan with investment that could be used for retirement. With the option to include accidental death benefit, disablement benefit, dismemberment benefit, critical illness benefit, female critical illness benefit and hospital income benefit.
  • 5 Year Limited Pay VUL Plan – a life insurance plan with investment that could be used to finance future expenses in education or retirement. This plan is payable in 5 years with the option to add accidental death and total disability benefit.
  • College Funding Using VUL – a life insurance plan with investment that could be used to pay future expenses in education or retirement. This plan is payable in 10 years with the option to add accidental death, dismemberment, and disablement benefits.
  • Single Pay VUL – a wise alternative for mutual fund, UITF and direct stock investing. One time big time investment that provides better return than traditional bank products
  • Term Insurance Plans – affordable pure life insurance plans for Filipinos with limited budget but want to get life insurance policy to protect the future of their families
  • Critical Insurance Term Plan – a term life insurance plan that provides lump sum amount upon diagnosis of any of the 36 illnesses covered including cancer, organ transplant, paralysis, blindness and others.
  • Whole Life Health Insurance Plan – a whole life insurance plan that covers up to 100 minor and major critical illnesses with cash benefits, dividends,  paid up bonuses, hospitalization income, home recovery benefits and more.
  • Endowment Plan with Money Back Guarantee – affordable life insurance that provides lump sum amount to your family when you die and return 50% of your total paid premium after 10 years.

Mutual Fund Investing Consultant

Make your money work harder for you! Don’t just save your money but also invest it so that it will grow over time. Invest on our award-winning mutual funds. Learn how to open an account here.

Join My Team of Successful Financial Advisors

To help more Filipinos achieve life time financial security, I am inviting more financial advocates to join my team by becoming a licensed financial advisor to the largest and first life insurance company in the Philippines. Currently, my team is composed of 30+ dynamic and energetic professionals from different backgrounds and I want you to be part of my Fierce Unit, one of the fastest growing units of our company. Read more about this opportunity here.

Non-Life Insurance Services

In order to expand my services to the Filipino public, I made myself affiliated with BPI/MS Insurance Corp. to offer non-life insurance products. BPI/MS Insurance Corp is one of the largest and most trusted non-life insurance companies in the country today. I do believe that getting insured and investing our money is as important as getting insurance for our properties like our homes and cars.  I offer fire insurance, motor car insurance and travel insurance to the public. I also offer liability insurance coverage as well as surety bonds.

Fire Insurance Services

Get fire insurance for your home, condominium, apartment, building, warehouse, plant and other properties. With optional coverage for flood, earthquake, malicious damage, theft, riot, etc. Get a quotation today, click here.

Travel Insurance Services

I also help people get their travel care insurance for Schengen and Non-Schengen countries. Schengen travel insurance is required in getting a visa to travel in the European Union member countries. Travel insurance gives you peace of mind when you travel anywhere in the world. Get your travel insurance now, click here.

Motor Car Insurance Services

Your car is one of your major purchases in your life so it is very important that you get it insured for theft, damages, and acts of nature/God. Avail our car insurance services now, click here.

Thank you again for visiting my website. Mabuhay ang Pilipino!

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