How To Retire Like A Lotto Millionaire Without Ever Buying Lotto Tickets


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I recently saw a funny but interesting infographic about lotto in Francisco Colayco’s blog that I felt so excited to post in this blog. If I could just post this infographic in all walls of lotto outlets, I would have given this country a big favor. Many of us Filipinos try our luck to be millionaires by lotto betting. Even there is a higher possibility to be stricken by lightning than by winning the national lotto jackpot, we still have this hope that someday we will win the jackpot. Many combine their family birthdays, special dates and special numbers in their lotto bets. We were taught by adults that if we dream about winning the lottery, we need to memorize and write down the winning combinations because they believe that these are the possible winning combinations. But I really don’t believe that our dreams can provide us with the winning combinations, although I admit that when I was young I believed with this myth. I don’t believe on winning the lottery anymore that is why it has been years since I bought lottery tickets. Now I believe that working hard and working wise are the keys to prosperity.  I am not against that lottery business because they provide revenue to the government (via PCSO) that could be used in various socioeconomic projects but I am against on how some Filipinos spend a lot of money in lotto betting for many long years. I observed that a lot of poor Filipinos patiently fall in line in lotto outlets nationwide. I am frustrated with this scenario because I believe that their money should be spent or used in something more worthwhile.

Many Filipinos grew old betting in our national lottery and almost of all of them never won. They are still betting now but surprisingly they don’t have retirement fund or even an emergency fund.  If they could have invested their money from  the start instead of betting in the lottery, they could have funds for retirement and emergencies. They don’t need to retire poor if they just knew how to use their money properly instead of betting in the lottery daily with the rest of their lives. Let us look with the infographic below and be amazed:


Invest or bet?

Invest or bet?

If a Filipino invested his daily budget of 100 pesos for lotto into an investment vehicle that could give him 20% average return in a year, he would have a retirement fund of 229,129,680 after 40 years of investing. Imagine this huge amount of money that could give a comfortable retirement for a Filipino. Less than 1% of Filipinos retire with this amount of money so if you are able to accumulate this wealth for 40 years and never bet in the lottery, you would be one of the few who would retire rich.  It is difficult to retire poor in the Philippines, because if you get sick you need money for treatment. If you don’t have money, you will just die unless your children and relatives will help you financially. Forget seeking help from the government, you know why.

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  • pcso Apr 16, 2014 Link Reply

    so sad but true. yung iba halos kalahati ng sahod nila araw-araw ang pinang-tataya nila sa lotto.

  • passyourluck Apr 21, 2014 Link Reply

    What financial investment that would give you 20% average return in a year? I like the infographics, but the advise was not realistic. No offense, though stock market will give you even more than 20% but there’s no maturing date, it’s a matter of buy and sell timing, high risk high reward but you could lose your investment. Charity Lotto is successful, because it is the only institution that gives equal HOPE to everybody. Though, if you have any knowledge of any guaranteed investment that would give us 20% p.a. return for the next 40 years, I’d would definitely considered that investment in the future (if i win from lotto draw).

    Have a nice day!

  • ruvilnam May 26, 2014 Link Reply

    Hindi ko rin masisi ang maraming Pinoy, kung bakit maraming marami ang tumataya sa lotto, samantalang milyon milyong Pinoy ang natatalo. Ang dahilan, ang mga Pinoy at naniniwala sa “luck” o “suwerte”. Eh, kung manalo, eh di suwerte nga. Pero iilan lang masuwerte sa kabila na milyong Pinoy ang natalo o natatalo. Ngayon kung sa investment kasama ng pag-aaral kung paano ang financial market ay kumikilos, mas malaki ang tsansa na manalo. Pinatutunayan ito ng maraming investor, na mas pag-asa sa financial market kaysa lotto. Sa lotto ang tiyak ang bangkero ang panalo. Sa investment, tiyak marami ang mananalo, kung mag-aaral lamang. Ang masakit, marami ang ayaw mag-aral, kaya sa lotto na lamang na walang aral-aral. Ito ang bunga ng mga tamad na kaisipan. Dahil dito, kung magpapatuloy ang ganitong kaisipan o ugali, mahirap umangat o umasenso ang milyong-milyong Pinoy sa larangan ng financial. Lotto ba ang solusyon sa kahirapan ng bansa. Sagot: hindi. Mag-aral ng umasenso. Sabi ng isang website: Investing is not a fantasy, it is formula. Let us all learn that investing require study and understanding. Lotto will not make our mind work, but investing will do.

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